Jayson Simonson

Jayson Simonson


Jayson's songs are catchy enough to keep you coming back for more without sacrificing the integrity of the lyrics. His soul-searching music provides hope for the hopeless while appealing to all ages and crowds.


Picture a blonde, mischievous three year old boy belting the Stevie Wonder classic "I Just Called to Say I Love You" at the top of his lungs, age him about 20 years, and you have Jayson Simonson. With a deep urge to be a singer, Jayson's desire to gain attention quickly evolved into a passion to change lives.

Jayson is driven to becoming the best musician that he can possibly be, but only for the purpose of creating music that everyone can relate to. His love and passion for people combined with his dynamic personality has formed Jayson into the type of performer that anyone can enjoy, both on and off the stage. After hundreds of shows in over 30 states, Jayson still vows to never let himself gain the "rockstar" mentality, stating that "I love my fans too much to let an attitude get in between me and them."

Jayson's caring nature along with his desire for excellence in his music have helped him to gain recognition from various record labels, management companies, and venues from around the country. He received opportunities to play at the 2007 GMA music showcases, as well as numerous TV, Radio, and Magazine interviews and reviews from all over the nation. His uniquely inclusive performing style gives everyone a chance to get involved at his shows and has won the hearts of thousands of fans across the country.

Though he is compared to contemporaries such as Ryan Cabrera, Jason Mraz, and Matt Wertz, Jayson creates his own individual sound that is nearly as catchy as his contagious personality.


Profound Symphony EP (2004)
Broken (2006)

Set List

Set List:

Sunday Morning
Uncertainty (I Need You)
Through This Day
Profound Symphony
Ridin' Dirty (Cover)