Jay Spectre

Jay Spectre


Hailing from Toronto, Jay Spectre plays a unique style that swings from crackling funk, soul, and world rhythms, all overseen by a rock sensibility. The combination of members and styles creates music that is energetic, intense and above all fun.


For years Toronto's Jay Spectre have been hitting the stages of Ontario's indie music scene. Now, after the completion of their second full length album Too Little Too Much, the band is preparing to take their sound and energy to a concert venue near you.
Originally formed in Lindsay, Ontario as a solo project of front man James Oliver (guitar & vocals), the band has evolved into a well rounded eight piece band including Jon Hembrey (lead guitar & vocals), Jeremy Drury (drums), Paul Turley (bass & vocals), Mike Field (trumpet), Sean Segal (percussion), Dean Yeats (trombone) and Katherine Watson (flute & saxophone).
Written and recorded in Toronto, Too Little Too Much was co-produced, mixed and engineered by Gavin Gardiner of The Wooden Sky. “The album features songs that swing dramatically from funk to acoustic to hip hop without a hitch.” (Osprey Media) Listeners often give comparisons to such diverse acts as Joe Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Earth, Wind and Fire.
Stylepost.ca moderator, The Lonely Vagabond described Jay Spectre's live show as a combination of “Catchy-funk-soul grooves with a world-music feel.” Over the course of the bands musical career they have shared the stage with many talented Canadian acts including Bedouin Soundclash, The Wooden Sky, Run With The Kittens and Two Hours Traffic


Luck Ain't My Lady

Written By: Jay Spectre

I guess luck ain’t the lady ain’t the lady for me no
Luck ain’t the lady ain’t the lady for me
I guess luck ain’t the lady ain’t the lady for me
And that’s the way it’s got to be

Verse One
If luck was a lady then we’d probably never meet
I just met this girl and she swept me off my feet
Her name is pessimism dressed in fresh skepticism
Helps me doubt myself and over think my decisions
But she’s always there for me yeah
When ever I’m in need


Verse 2
If luck was a lady then she found another man
Why she wouldn’t wait for me I will never understand
She left me with this cold-hearted bitch named regret
Who trips over my tongue in front of everyone I’ve ever met
She said I’ll sink if I don’t swim
(But removed)it’s hard to swim when her claws have already started sinking in


Could be a beautiful day outside my window
Could be a beautiful day outside my door
But I won’t go out today cause I know that
The sun won’t shine, won’t shine for me anymore
No the sun won’t shine, won’t shine for me anymore
No the sun won’t shine, won’t shine for me anymore
No the sun won’t shine, won’t shine, won’t shine anymore

No luck ain’t my lady
No luck ain’t my lady

As I Am

Written By: Jay Spectre

Verse One

It’s a long walk to freedom and I’m trying to find the path
But every time I take a step forward I take two back
The line that I walk’s as thin as a sheet of glass
And it bends under my weight as I threaten to crack
Well I lost a few jobs and you’d think I’d learnt my lesson
But I live my life like I was riding the rails in the depression
I get caught up in these moments but they seem to disappear
I’m trying to conquer every obstacle and every fear

Pre Chorus
Cause I’m a dreamer, a lover
I live my life beyond my means
A believer, a fighter
And I’m hanging on by my teeth
The worlds on my shoulders where I want it to be
I can’t ask for anything, oh anything but please just…

Take me as I am
Cause I’ll change for no man
Take me as I am
Cause I’ll change for no man

Verse two
Better know, I’m out(space removed)spoken, probably catch me with my mouth open
Trying to build my confidence and not leave any doubt floating
Hotheaded, may come off a little cocky
But a leader of the pack and no man alive can stop me
I’m Dedicated, in my mind I’m set to make it
Without my music I’d be thrown to the wolves striped naked
There’s only two things I know are certain in life
One is death and one is the words that I write

Pre Chorus


Oh I don’t know
Where to go from here on out
Oh and I don’t care anymore
As long as you, as long as you know

Better know I am what I am yo you can’t change that
The same cat you knew from way back
It’s time to face facts before I repeat it again
Like the record skipped or we hit the play back

Adriatic Sea

Written By: Jay Spectre

Verse One

My dreams are all so vivid
But she is always in it
Just tearing my heart right out of my chest
And leaving me stressed for weeks

I try to think nothing of it
But couldn’t go out in public
Without seeing her face all over the place
It’s got me losing sleep

I know she says she loves me
And that she’d never leave me
My mind is slipping again
And playing those tricks on me


Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s you
I’m not sure but I’ll find out soon
Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me
Won’t somebody wake me up from this dream?

Verse two

I’ve sent seen the rising tide and
I’ve watched the setting sun and
I really believed that gravity had
Brought them both for me

I swam into her ocean
Were the strait begins to open
But drowned when I saw the beauty
Of the Adriatic Sea

I wrote a song so pure
I wrote it just for her
But she filled my lungs
So nobody here would every hear my screams


Oh won’t they wake me up?
Cause I can feel the waves come crashing in on me


2008- Too Little Too Much
2005- The Australian EP- Mini-CD
2004- To The End Of The World And Back

Set List

The band has anywhere from 8-20 original songs to play. Sets range from 30 mins to 2 hours.

The band has, on several occasions, played as a trio. This would be done only if the venue has limited space.