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Jay Stones

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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"Music Talk with Jay Stones"

1.A little introduction, who you are, where you’re from and what you do…

I’m Jay Stones(Jamaal Huffman). I consider to be a great fashion icon and also music artist, I’m also sixteen. Most people say only I can get away with the styles I promotes. Im a music-composer/singer and I love fashion a great deal. I want to start his own fashion label soon. Im from Chicago, IL but moved to different areas and experienced different cultures. I stayed in Detroit for a bit when he was younger, also California, but I live in Chicago. i do music, art, and also can play music. I’ve learned to play the piano when I was nine years old.

2.There are so many up and coming artists trying to making it big all the time, what makes you so different and unique?

I’ve been studying music, painting different forms of art, and also being able to write/compose music most of life. WhenI was younger i made many art pieces and some still are hung inside of different buildings. My style and fashion sense is completely original. It took me years to find my own style. Which combines vintage, retro, and urban all in one. What makes me so unique/different is my music and what I expresses in it. I tell stories about my life, other people’s lives, and even fantasies. I can build songs from the ground up and produce them.

3.How would you describe ‘your sound’?

My sound is smooth, poetic, simple, but yet creative.

4.Has your music influenced you to do other things and does it have an impact on your daily life?

My music has influenced me greatly on basically everything in my life and who I became. I hear music in my head all the time as I go through it. Music has influenced me and helped me in sad times in my life. It also helps me convert my sadness or happiness through music.

5.Most kids wanted to be an astronaut, a race car driver or a doctor. At what age did you know you wanted to do music and started to take it seriously?

I actually wanted to be a music artist and a astronaut. To be able to sing and make music on a different planet seemed cool to me and still does actually.

6.Who are your influences and who would you like to collaborate with?

My influences would have to be Prince, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi. I would love to be able to collaborate with Radiohead or Pharrel.

7.So what have you been working on this year and what are your plans for the rest of 2011?

I’ve been working on my FIRST album titled “Hoodwinked and Bamboozled.” My plans for the rest of 2011 is finishing up my album, finding great promoters/sponsors, and building up my clothing line.

8.Any big projects or collaborations coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

Yes, “Hoodwinked and Bamboozled” is my first album that will drop sometime in October or November. I have also been working on an art piece called “Rocket Fuel” that soon will be out. There are some collaborations with different clothing lines and music artist coming as well. So stay tuned. - Youth Rebel


Singles - Memories, Strangers Again

Album - Hoodwinked and Bamboozled (2012)

1. 32 Degrees
2. Memories
3. Hoodwinked and Bamboozled
4. Kingdom Come
5. Nite Aurora
6. Reminisce
7. Story of My Life
8. Is It Luv
9. Galactic Love
10. How Will I Last (interlude)
11. If I Fall
12. End of Love

Streaming Tracks- Memories, Galactic Love, Is It Luv, Hoodwinked and Bamboozled

Radio Airplay- Memories, Galactic Love



Jay Stones “Jamaal Huffman" (born Jan 4, 1995) is a singer-songwriter, producer, and composer from his hometown of Chicago, IL. His debut album Hoodwinked and Bamboozled, produced from the label Humblekatz Productions drops January 2012. He is known mostly for his vintage style, smooth sweet vocals, and classic charm. A warm sweet melody, addicting story lines, and unique music sets him apart from others. Artists that influenced him growing up were Radiohead, Outkast, and Sade. Jay Stones is a soulful singer that portrays a simple yet complex style, witness music in a new light.