Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
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The messages in my music is universal that the Word of God shall stand forever and It holds all you need to be delivered and set free.
My desire is that my offering of music will bless the world and that they will seek to be set free from the hell in their life.


Jay-Wayne was born on August 6, 1987 in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was raised in Saginaw Michigan by his mother Twana Williams. As is common in this day and age, his father was not in the picture and did not participate with Jay-Wayne during his adolescent / teen years. At the young age of twelve he began to be involved in drugs and violent activites, even becoming a runaway. As a youth he was insecure about himself and did not know who he was created to be, with no supervision and a great desire to belong he began to hang around the older guys on the block which led him into various troubles with the law. Searching for peace and looking to be accepted by his peers, he began doing drugs heavily and breaking & entering led to home theft and further issues with the law. In doing this he came to the realization that nothing changed for him but he still felt the same way: insecure and unwanted. He recognized that he needed something different in his life.

In 2005 God caused him to move to Grand Rapids Michigan. He began going to church with one of his cousins, to the City of Pentecost, and was blessed by God to receive the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in tongues and was baptised in Jesus' precious name, for the remission of sin. As a babe in Christ, he learned first how to be saved and maintain salvation, then how to maintain the Glory of God - the appearance of God in His life. Growing in Christ, he saw a need to reach across generational lines, cultural lines and stretch forth the Word of God in a unique way that other men and women of all ages and races would be drawn to Christ.

In the few years following, in order to further his ability to create excellent music and appeal to all people of every age and every race and culture, . For Jay-Wayne's message is universal that the Word of God shall stand forever and It holds all you need to be delivered and set free.

In 2011 God blessed him to release his first studio
project "Consumed By Fire". This initial presentation to the world contains many elements of different lifestyles and life stories that pertains to all people. For although Jay is a rapper, he has a far greater passion to sing for the Glory of God. Inside his music is a melodious combination of sound rendering great glory to God and deliverance for your soul. You will hear the Word of God without compromise, the only way to obtain peace in your mind and joy in your heart. His music brings reality to your ear and repentance to your soul. He is committed to bringing real scripture to song and presenting it in a style and tone that is understandable and greatly pleasing to the ear.

On August 21, 2009 he married his beautiful wife Sarah Jernigan, who has proven herself to be a women of virtue. Their combined family is blessed with a son Elijah and a daughter Veyonce. He continues to put God first in all things and knows he is pursuing the mark of the high calling that God has for his life alone. He asks that you listen to the songs that are written for the glory of God and recognize that The Word of God is the source of all knowledge and your life will increase spiritually only if you are obedient to what it requires of you. Jay desire is that this offering of music will bless you and that you will seek to be set free from the hell in your life.


I Got Joy

Written By: Jay-Wayne

I believe the rules says if I'm entering a recorded song I don't have to submit lyrics.


Consumed By Fire August 6, 2010

Set List

1. I Got Joy
2. Brotha Count Me
3. Worthy
4. Where Yo Holy Ghost
5. Spirit Of Job
6. Look Ahead
7. My Love 101
8. Wont Complain