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Jay Wells

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The music of Jay Wells is not your standard Hip Hop/Urban R& B. It's more.. much more. Because of the musical back ground ( film scoring, jazz, rock,etc..) of his collaborating partner Robby Robinson, together they have managed to come up with a unique sound.


Jay learned at a very young age to put his words together in a song. While walking back and forward to school everyday crossing the street lines of the LA gangs known as the Crips and the Bloods. It was the love of Hip Hop that kept him from the street of Los Angeles.

At the age of ten, it was the performing for the girls in the local talent shows that Jay's true talent emerged. At fifteen Jay began winning talent shows and showcases in the Los Angeles area. During this time he also formed a rap group with his brothers and they had some minor success. He hit the streets of Southern California with his demo in hand selling 3,000 units. And released two albums on a Indie label. Now at the age of twenty three he has set his sights on a new career as a solo artist with high expections on success in the music business.

It was the end of 2005 that Jay met Robby Robinson, an LA local bassist and musican who has worked with other great artist, the great trumpet player, composer, band director Nolan (Shaheed) Smith(Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, EWF,music director Marvin Gaye). Robby a student at UCLA Extension School(Songwriting,and Music Business) heard some of Jay's music, and looked him up. The two have collaborated and combined the music of symphonies, r&b, funk, jazz and rock with the streets of hip hop to create a unique form of expression in music.

Currently Jay has finished his first solo new cd titled "Lights Out" it was released October 2006. He has received rave reviews on his single "California, "Layed Back Afternoon" and the title track "Lights Out"

Over the past month Jay has been selected for the Apache Rose Publishing Presents: Best New Bands CD Series (Lights Out, Layed Back Afternoon, California), Campus Authority, 2006 MusicNoize Urban Music Conference, Future Stars Music Conference, Jonesville Publishing (The Single "California"), Well Rounded Radio, 2006 Glam Jam Most Wanted, Whaletyme Music Showcase Los Angeles (April 2007)Whaletyme Music Showcase San Fransico (August 2007), Beloit College (TBA) Westgrand Records: Music Soul Compliation(California) Afrobeat Cafe Vol.2(Layed Back Afternoon), TIN Records New Music Series 2007 Compilation( Layed Back Afternoon)and CMJ New Monthly CD #143 for the month of Oct/Nov(California).Jay has also been selected to perform at the Emergenza Festival (The Worlds Largest Festival for up and coming artist)


With Flesh&Blood Da Compilation(2002) Uproot Entertanment ( 3000 copies sold)

Da Compilation II (2003) Uproot Entertainment (3500 copies sold)

Lights Out (October 2006) Whaletyme Music Inc.