Jay Wiley

Jay Wiley


This is music that you've always wanted to listen to and always want in car cd player. The melodies are catchy but not overexaggerrated. The lyrics make you think but don't leave you out of touch. And the feeling, oh the feeling--it is there and alive and real. What you want--music--you got it.


"His eyes will look right through you and his songs will the rug from underneath your feet" said one rock n roll personality in Pittsburgh. Jay had just rolled through Pittsburgh's most prestigious music showcase, the Graffiti Rock Challenge, with an arsenal of tunes that kept the audience and the judges leaning ever closer to the stage to catch just one last glimpse of him. You could tell Jay Wiley and music have been together since his beginning. Jay can remember early at the age of four listening to albums like Bringin' it All Back Home by Bob Dylan & Stealing Fire by Bruce Cockburn. Jay assimilates the cold hard human tones of albums like these, along with the rocket fire enthusiasm of the Stones and the Black Crowes, into his own songwriting style. Fronting the local Pittsburgh band Alisium for three years Jay was writing songs, recording and eventually unearthed enough credit and made enough noise to win that 2004 Graffiti Rock Challenge showcase (Jay would also like to thank the busloads of people that came to watch). Jay soon realized that local aspirations would not do to tackle his primary desire to sing for America and its growing empire on this earth, so he embarked on a solo career in late 2004 when he realized Alisium had run its course of success. Jay refined and polished his public friendly appeal while currently fronting his new band Jay Wiley and the Black Hats throughout 2005. As he furthermore has developed into a songwriting wrecking ball he is still enhancing his solo effort by effortlessly playing as much as his networking skills will allow him to. Jay plays every open mike he has time for, free gigs, openers, you name it (he does play paying gigs too by the way). Whatever it takes to showcase his name to the music maniacs of the world and even the ones who are just "stoppin by" our fearless song and dance man will do it. Jay realizes he has a long road to quote-unquote "success" and national notoriety but he has the desire and the tools to take him there, he just needs a chance. The man does not want to rely solely on luck but he will take a little bit of that too. Jay Wiley will continue to write, sing, and play, continually perfecting the things that will make him the success which he is really hungry for. Jay just wants music to be his thing if it isn't already. He'll just have to take time.


recording currently in progress

Set List

Take Time, She Won't Roll, Reliever Girl, Organic Freak, Silver and Gold, Sunset City Wedding Gown, Say You Been Bad to Me, Still Gray, 244 1/2 Street, John's Tambourine, Monday Night, Little Power, No Right, Na Na, Back and Forth, You Got It, Checkmate

That would be the repertoire of a typical "rock show" for about an hour and a half, I play one hour shows, I've played four hour shows, I am very versatile when it comes to show length.

I can do some covers and I usually like to give them my own little dash of flavor.