Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson


Started playin drums at 11. studied, practiced, jammed, performed, practiced, taught, practiced, and held it solid for 2 decades. Still holdin it steady.


I was 11 years old when I started playing music. First drumset at 13. School bands and orchestras, lots of jamming and garage “projects” with friends.
Turned 21, first “real band”. Played lots of shows, toured a little, put out my first album. Began teaching drums and percussion theory at local high schools, went to school and studied percussion, music theory, the usual.
Turned 31, 5th album done, promoting it like crazy, with great success. Looking forward to the next bit.


Maruma - Self Titled
The Deepsleep Narcotics Co. - Presents - So Far Today
The Deepsleep Narcotics Co. - The Late Nite Pharmacy EP
The Deepsleep Narcotics Co. - The Hats & Trousers EP
The Deepsleep Narcotics Co. - New Album