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Jay Wxxd

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I Am Legend, the best next and most impressive artist from Memphis Tennessee. I can be successful In any enviroment, I guarantee my music will sell. The people who buy music, LET ME REPEAT, the people who BUY not DOWNLOAD music are MY FANS. At The Least i Sell upwards of 500,000 on my first Major LP


My Name Is Justin Underwood (Jay Wood) , I’m 19yrs Old And Reside On The East Siide Of Memphis Tennessee. I Attend University Of Memphis And I Graduated From Ridgeway High School In May Of 07’. I Liked School But Wasn’t An A+ Student Tho, Intruiged By The Life Of Gangsters And Dope Bois Since An Early Age Which Led Me To Affiliate Myself With The East Siide Riider Crips And That Lifestyle Early In My Senior Year Of High School. I Was Accepted And Taken Under The Wing Of My OG MONSTER And Given An Opportunity That Couldn’t Be Traded At Any Price. My Life Went From Zero to Sixty It Would Seem For In That Single Year I Was Shot And Was Forced To Absorb A Host Of Things Rather Quickly. Landing In A Very Privileged Position To Be Placed Around OGs Such As Grim And Coke On A Daily Basis And Able To Learn So Many Things. It Would Seem My Story Is One Of Good Gone Bad As I Was Brought Up In A Catholic School Called Bishop Byrne Until The 9th Grade, When I Attended Kirby High School, And Was Introduced To Gangs Guns And The Part Of East Memphis No One Knows About. Kirby Was Filled With Every Activity You Can Think Of From Bad To Worse And I Was Once Again Placed Into A Sink Or Swim Position So To Speak Where I Was Forced To Learn Fast. My Life Has Been Filled With Ups And Downs Defeats And Victories Which Have Gifted Me With The Point Of View I Am Able To Present To You. Now I’m In The Second Semester Of My Freshman Year Of College And I’m Happy To Have Made It This Far. All Of The Situations I Went Through Up Until This Point Have Prepared Me 4 Whatever Comes My Way. I Won’t Say I Have Always Been The Person I Am Today But I’m Definitely At My Best Right Now. I’m Not What U Would Call A Rapper Because I’m Dedicated To Other Things But Me And My Guys Can Get It CraCCin When Its Necessary. I Do Music Because I Want To See IF Yall "MY FANS" Feel What I Do, To Be Honest I Couldn’t Give A Fucc About You Industry Niggas Trynna See If U Wanna Sign Me Because A Few Plays And Views. I Can Understand If These Major Labels Aren’t Ready For Me, Cuzzo I REALLY Shot Pistols, Stumped Niggas, Got Stumped, Got My Ass Beat, Beat Niggas Asses, Got Lil Homies Of MY Own, Seen Them Put In Work, Put In Work Myself And Know Tha Niggas Who Do It 10x Harder Then I Do Daily...I DON’T GOTTA LI3 CUZ.. Dat Riider Shiit’s AS REAL AS IT GETS...GO Ask LoCo..Go Ask Monster....Ask Lil Saxton.... I’m 3ast Sid3 Certified Homie And I’mma Riide For My Niggas... They All The Validation I Need... So Love M3 Or Leave M3 Alone


Latest Singles:

Look At Ha 2008
Welcome To My Ciddy
Jay Wxxd™
b.l.e/Shah Bros. Productions

Swag Check 2008
Welcome To My Ciddy
Jay Wxxd™

Set List

Look At Ha
Swag Checc
I'm Digital
Fucc Dancing(Over Crank Dat Inst.)

Sets can range from 15 to an hour and thirty minutes
I do covers of other artists instrumentals i used for a mixtape.