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Jemel Saquan Booker Jr. hails out of the city that gave birth to hip hop. In New York City Jemel was inqusitive and listened to hip hop. Acts such as Krs One and Eric B. and Rakim were the few of many legends he listened to. So look out world because here JayyDameanor comes.


JayyDameanor hails outs of the birthplace of hip hop. In Brooklyn New York JayyDameanor had to grow up pretty fast with the violence that polluted the streets on a daily basis. But by keeping his head in the books and into the music he stood away from the streets to pursue his hip hop career. JayyDameanor would go to enter many contest in his junior highschool into his high school years. His flow as well as his content is unlike no other. Growing up around a family with strong musical history it made his musical influence that much greater. Even till this day you can find old vinyl records of Epmd or Run DMC. From the "My Addidas" or "The Goldiggers" this kid incorporates his rhymes with legends of the past to make the exhilirating music of today. Now of days mr. JayyDameanor is in College for Recording Engineering and Business. In an attempt to hopefully make his dreams come true he would occasionally perform at Universities to start up a small buzz. This man is the epitome of struggle hardship and much pride. So ladies and gentlemen I welcome you all into the world of JayyDameanor


Capital Grippaz Place Ya Betz Vol 1 and 2

Set List

Wat it is - 3:30 minutes long
Feelin it - 3:41 minutes long