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Jayy Starr

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Hip Hop Pop


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Los Angeles native and female emcee, JAYY STARR cleverly delivers swagger heavy wordplay in her latest track effort “Which One of Y’all”, which is a joint that explains her reason for macking any fellow she wants in the club. While production wise, the track knocks heavy. “Which One of Y’all” is a song that definitely leaves you wanting more. If Jayy is able to keep up the momentum with songs like this, she will have a solid career ahead… now DATZHOTT!

Jayy Starr’s latest mixtape “Lost & Found, Vol. 2” will be released September 1st - AnythingBlack.Net

"We The West Features Jayy Starr Video Faceoff"

Artist: Jay Starr also known as Jayy Starr Track: Face Off Album: Welcome To Freshville Label: Independent Director: Q Digital Noise Pictures Director of Photography: cYoon Editor: Q Teacher: Jay Starr (Jayy Starr) Student: Jay Starr (Jayy Starr) Hollywood Jay: Jay Starr (Jayy Starr) Jay Starr (Jayy Starr): Jay Starr (Jayy Starr Grandmother: Ms. Jessie aka Diva Dancers & Classrooms SWAGG Brandi aka MZ ENERGY Gary Chacon Sandy Mauricio Chris Kinyon Antwoin Hagood Cynthia Guerrero Dee (aka Deedler) Breja Floer KEEP IT HOT! KEEP IT HOT! music videos: http:digitalnoisepictures.com myspace: http:myspace.comthe_director_q Jay Starr : http:www.myspace.comjaystarronline - We The West

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Jayy Starr Interview - JosephHall

"Faceoff Official Video - Jayy Starr"

Faceoff Ofiicial video from Jayy Starr off Welcome 2 Freshville mixtape - MTV Base

"Official Music Video "Soft Courage" Jayy Starr"

Jayy Starr official video featured - The Next 2 Shine

"Jayy Starr - Has done it again Lost n Found Mixtape"

Jayy Starr has done it again and this time she is not playing nice! She has stepped up the game for future rappers coming into the game sleeping! She has set the alert to those in the game letting them know that it's only a matter of time before she has their spot. This mixtape is a must download and if you already have get another copy just in case, let all your friends know they are missing out! Jayy Starr came with friends on this mixtape, beats that are too organic for words this young lady knows the sky is the limit so make sure your not in the way! "Lyrical Massacre" ft. Gutta was just that track the beat will keep your mind focused, while the lyrics will keep you thinking! Then "Take Me High" is a salute to ladies everywhere who know what to do, when to do it, and the men who take us there! 
"Down" Ft. Fresh B well enough said I think this track will take you to the next level. We have all been there when that special someone takes us to the next level physically but not ignoring the emotional! This mixtape is for the grown folks so sorry if your not mature enough to understand use caution! "Break Me Off" the beat is killer and has you from the jump, this track is about getting the money he can't give you! "Sideways" This song is a lyrical visual anyone with a dream can relate to this. Even when it seems others don't get your dreams you have to keep the focus alive! "Soft Courage" Enough said she is a humble young women she is not willing to compromise for the stars. She's not willing to dumb it down or even take it easy for those who feel challenged or threaten, so get on the bandwagon or get left behind! So enjoy and make sure you respect the talent this young lady is on her way, and you don't want to be the last to know! - Miss Neva Inc

"Jayy Starr - Lost n Found EP"

Lost N Found featured - Turnt Up Radio

"Jayy Starr x Lurocmore"

Sounds like a ruff draft of something these 2 are putting togther for their joint project, other than that the subject matter is definitely on point. - Da N Crowd

"Jayy Starr Skill Above Speculation"

If You Look Into The Mirror, You See God's Beautiful Lyrics, But When You Turn Off The Radio You Hear Death Turn Into Unsung Words

"Which One of Ya'll" by Jayy Starr

Los Angeles native and female emcee, JAYY STARR cleverly delivers swagger heavy wordplay in her latest track effort "Which One of Y'all", which is a joint that explains her reason for macking any fellow she wants in the club. While production wise, the track knocks heavy. "Which One of Y'all" is a song that definitely leaves you wanting more. If Jayy is able to keep up the momentum with songs like this, she will have a solid career ahead… now DATZHOTT!

Jayy Starr's latest mixtape "Lost & Found, Vol. 2" will be released September 1st.


Her Ability To Rise Above And Beyond Speculation!

Jayy Starr defies any and all speculation most people create about female rappers.

With content that holds a plethora of clever wordplay, tons of fun and high energy and an abundance of creativity. Mixing, wit, swagger, and harmony all skillfully blended with a seamless flow that separates this young woman from a lot of other female rap artists new to the game. As her distinctive rap flow that is sexy enough to show she is a lady but raw enough to be a contender in any cipher. My favorite song from Jayy is a track called "Soft Courage" where she spews heartfelt lyrics about the power of inner-strength and the lessons of life.

Starr has also opened for stars such as Drake, Jeremih, Bobby Valentino, and Trey Songz.

She was also featured on Myspace Music Aug 2009 with an exclusive premiere of her music video "Face Off" directed by Quattro of Digital Noise Pictures, which also went on to win Season 3 Episode 6 of Indie Music Television and Tyght Whyte's single "Come Here" alongside Hurricane Chris.

Jayy's buzz is building vastly on the streets and the internet. As everyone already knows, this is one artist we need to keep our eyes on. - Rap Central


Welcome 2 Freshville
Lost n Found Vol1
Lost n Found Vol2



What happens when you mix pure talent, perseverance, and versatility? None other than 21 year old femcee, Jayy Starr. Born June 4, 1989 at Daniel Freedman hospital in Inglewood, "I was destined to shine," says Starr. Surpassing most female artists in her genre and going just as hard as her male counterparts “I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than music, I honestly can’t. I had two jobs, both of which I was fired,” laughs Starr “Music is me, and I am it.” "Do you really realize you are better than most of these mainstream rappers today?" says Q of Digital Noise Pictures, also a good friend of Jayy’s. Being a South Central native Starr grew up in a single parent home with her mother, grandmother, and older sister surrounded by some of Los Angeles’ most dangerous gangs, but never let it influence her. “Yeah, I tend to talk about guns and drugs in some of my songs, but that’s because that’s what I grew up around. I want to paint a mental picture of what I went through in the head of the listener, but never will I condone to anybody practicing any violence of any sort.”

With three music videos under her belt, many more in the works, and a series of mixtapes still buzzing the internet long after their arrival, she would be any labels dreams. Starr is also currently blueprinting her fifth mixtape and a possible album for release in 2011. She recently released her newest addition to her hitlist, “Which One of Yall” which is driving clubs insane all over. With tons of labels watching, big things are said to go down for Jayy Starr. She opened up for well known Canadian rapper/actor Drake and featured on Myspace Music setting the bar up even higher for trailing artists.

Growing up in a home where music was a big part of her life, Starr began singing at the age of 5, performing at events with her grandmother all over. She then began rapping at the mere age of 9 years old. She’s done shows in such venues as La Conga Bar & Grill, Rhythm Lounge, Catina Lounge, ASU Fox Theatre, Club Aladdin, Club Lima, the Celebrity Center, CAPS, The Terrace, a number of BestBuy stores and BB Kings in Universal City. "I just want to give the people music they can vibe to, stay true to my roots, and make sure my family is financially set for life." Says Starr. If she continues at the lightening fast pace she’s going now, that task would be no problem to complete.

Starr is currently working to build her buzz on the streets and the internet. With outlets such as MySpace, Reverbanation, Beta Records, YouTube and now popular Twitter, she has already begun to do so at full speed. With her fan base growing daily she plans to take the world by storm with her influential music. “I pour my heart into every track I make. I can finish a full song, go back and read it, not feel it, and start all over. I’m a perfectionist.” She is hoping to be one of the first unsigned artists to break into the mainstream industry before landing a deal. “I think I’ll get more respect that way. I sing, songwrite, rap, produce, and engineer. I also act. Once I get it in it’ll be a problem” Says Starr.

“Anyone that doesn't sign you is foolish. You have a bright future ahead miss." Says Q. Lots of buzz is created when her name is spoken. Some call her the "The Princess of Hip Hop", while others call her the “West Coast Voice of the Youth”. She definitely spins lyrical webs entangling her competition. With a stand out, one in a million swagger and an undeniable lyrical skill, this is one artist you would definitely want to keep your eyes on.