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"A Prayer 4 Hip-Hop"

IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Affinity Public Relations Rhonda Ridley 718-432-6412 office 917-478-2439 mobile Rhonda@affinity-pr.com A Prayer 4 Hip Hop Concert Series Takes a Stand for This Generation Concert Series Will Open at New York City’s Copacabana on June 17. The concert will Influence and Impact the Hip Hop generation for Years to Come New York, NY – May 2,2007 – “A Prayer 4 Hip Hop�, in the making for two years, is poised to address the issues facing the Hip Hop generation today. “A Prayer 4 Hip Hop� is being produced by Life Media along with its national media partners Vibe Magazine and GospelCity.Com. In addition the concert providers have teamed up with the National Minority Quality Forum and its Test For Life campaign created to educate minorities on the importance of being tested for the HIV virus. The concert tour will kick off at the Copacabana in New York City on June 17th starting at 4P.M. and will include performances from J.A.Z., Shabach, Gospel R&B artist Deitrick Haddon and a host of others. The tour will continue throughout the summer in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Tampa, Baltimore and Detroit. In the wake of Don Imus’ derogatory and racially charged comments, many have wondered why Hip Hop artists, radio stations and record labels have not been as examined as Don Imus. Although many may agree with the Imus outcome, there is outrage among some that the Hip Hop industry has reliably promoted lyrics that are heavily laced with disrespectful, misogynistic and degrading comments about women. For years there has been a call to action for more positive music with a positive message; an alternative. At a time when Hip Hop is being painted with a single broad brush stroke of immorality, standing to answer the call is “A Prayer 4 Hip Hop�. “At Vibe we are seeking ways to positively impact the communities we serve. This event will have a positive impact on our young people through the message being conveyed by the artists and through the initiative to educate our community about the importance of HIV testing� says Leonard E. Burnett, Jr., Vice President and Group Publisher of Vibe. Joining the tour is Test For Life, providing those in attendance at the tour with free HIV/AIDS testing. “HIV is spreading in our community at an unprecedented rate. We need to educate people about the importance of getting tested and prevent the spread of this disease. I applaud these young artists for being a part of this very important initiative,� says Gary Puckerin, Chairman of the National Minority Quality Forum. Although Hip Hop music is pervasive across the airwaves, Gospel Rap gets little to no radio airplay. Despite the lack of mainstream attention, this powerful and life transforming art form has attracted a large and loyal underground following. “It is important for us to show the world that the Hip Hop culture is vast and that there are many artists that love Hip Hop and are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of their audience,� says Gospel Rapper J.A.Z. He grew up in the same streets as many of today’s most well known rappers in Harlem, NY. Although his experiences and surroundings were very similar to those artists, he was fortunate enough to find a way out of the turmoil through his relationship with God. J.A.Z., like most mainstream rappers, writes about his real life experiences, only in J.A.Z.’s case the ending is different. The choices he makes in his life greatly influence his audience who are struggling with the same crossroads that he faces. “It comes down to what you decide is cool and what you think is corny. I think that guns, sex and drugs are corny and that being a righteous person is cool. Once our kids know that it is cool to be a righteous person their lives will change.
- Affinity Public Relations Rhonda Ridley


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"WALK" - set to release Sept 2008

*projects currently available at www.justifiedandzealous.com



Justified and Zealous (J.A.Z.) is a fitting name for a man of this Caliber. Being born into a broken home, crippled by drugs and deception, only aided in his family's conversion to Christ, leaving nothing but praise for the Lord. He, Jamaine D. R. Herbert, having experienced the worst imaginable situations first hand, from being a foster child, to the loss of his mother to aids, now has a true reverence for the new life. You may see J.A.Z. as an emcee, however there is so much more to this man of God. He has been blessed with the spirit of evangelism, passed down through his father, who single handedly led most of his family to Christ. God has bestowed upon him the mantle of a public speaker and teacher.

He Has performed and shared stages with the likes of The Cross Movement, da T.R.U.T.H., T.D. Jakes, Donnie McClurkin, and Marvin Sapp.

J.A.Z. is very critical when it comes to his flows, line patterns and over all feel of his words. Each verse spills from his mouth in a rhythmic collage of passion, love, faith, and worship. His speech is courageous but humble with his quick word play, and witty approach to song writing; he has been acclaimed as one of the finest artists to ever grace the Mic. He can be heard on a number of projects currently circling the Christian market. It is very likely that if you ask any Christian Rap fan about J.A.Z., they will not only know him but will have been impacted by his ministry.