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Jazio Blaq

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Jazio blaq is upcoming. A talented recipe of bounce, poetry, story-telling, emotional outlet, and cater to the ears of various listners! Various mixes from Club sounds, jazzy tunes, and emotional bone-touching lyrics


The 1st Annual Midwest Entertainment Music Awards (2003 -Indepedent/Unsigned Artist Hip Hop Genre) reciepient Jazio Blaq is heading for the top!!

Who Is He?
Jazio is in a category of his own. Born in Ghana Africa, and raised in the south (Louisiana & Alabama), he has developed a unique style with his new 20 track album showing his true talent of versatility. 2 something year old Jazio has been working the independent music scene seriously since the age of 13. Raised in a strict household, Jazio always searched for ways to get what he wanted. His experiences have given him the chance to touch many others relating to him. Jazio explains himself as a content, humble individual who likes being in the company of his closest friends and 6 yr. old daughter. Do not let the location of where he resides fool you. Being the rebellious, black sheep of the family, he took it upon himself to go around the states in hopes to make it in music. Trouble always seemed to follow him. He does not claim to be a gang banger, hard core type rapper. Though he associated with them as he was growing, he stayed an individual with the reason of distrust of many people. At age 15 he became popular to the Minnesota police for joy riding auto theft to possession of drugs. On his senior year last semester of high school, he was arrested for the involvement of a drive by shooting where he was one of the first people of Minnesota to be place on Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction. It meant he was served with a juvenile term along with probation which stated if violated, he would serve his adult time. During his stay in Juvenile Detention, he saw confinement would keep him from his dream and was the start of his change of ways. Shortly after his release from detention, most of his peers where raided and sent away. With a child on the way, he decided to join the military with hopes to collect money to start his own studio label. Immediately after discharge, he apprenticed at Black House University Records (Jacksonville, FL) with James Bailey. Jazio possessed multi-talented skills in web design, graphic layout, engineering, writing, recording, producing, rapping, and even chess! As bad luck seemed to surround Jazio, he found himself going downhill and having to move back to Minnesota to pursue school where his father taught. Before he moved to Minnesota, he took 1 week to produce a 9 song album to sell in Minnesota. Success in the little town of Winona started to bring his life back together. It would not be long until he started doing shows to be heard. He faced difficulties because of the area of his location which was 95 % white. While he didn’t let that hold him back, he saw it as a test that if a different culture liked him, why wouldn’t the rest of the nation. Selling over 400 CD’s in the town of 25,000 people earned him respect by his peers and family as well as other independent artists in the radius of 30 miles. One year later (presently) he released a 20 song album with a plan to be the door for independent artists in the region who hope to be discovered but see slim chances because of location. Jazio has been in numerous news papers, performed for fund raising events, and now quickly making a name in the Midwest Region. Since his album release (July 21, 2003), he has been invited to the ASCAP Billboard Awards in late August, accepted as a performer for the Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference in Colorado in November, contacted by independent film company, WarLord Films for permission of his music, as well as other numerous opportunities. He has stated that once he has sold 1,000 CD’s independently, he will move to the city to rent space and build a studio inside for business. He will also be negotiating deals with select clothing stores to sponsor him. Jazio keeps it down to earth as he sees his success rising. He states that he can never forget where he came from and is far from being egotistical though he is becoming the regions hottest local act. He stays single so that he may concentrate on fulfilling a dream well worked hard for. He enjoys hand to hand sales, flagging riders down with "banging" systems to let them hear his music to sell them. “It’s a challenge and when they buy, I know I’m getting hotter because my turndown rate is very very low!” He says he also enjoys being noticed in other areas he does not live in. His focus is to slowly lock local areas down as the hottest local artist and then to explode into the radio and TV’s of the nation. His music does not speak of violence, killing, and the stereotypical genre of music catered to his appearance and life lived. He likes to write music that he feels somebody is going through. “I’m not scared to throw a little of my sensitivity in ‘cuz we’re all humans. I just can’t get too soft on it though. The music is chemistry and I am developing the tightest formulas to make my CD marketable”. After numerous shows and a certain amount of CD’s


The World Is Mine (EP) 1998

Jazio Blaq (EP) April 2002

I've Got Something To Say (20 song LP) July 2003
-"Hollywood Here I Come" KQAL Minnesota
-"House Party" SE Minnesota & SW Wisconsin Region Clubs
--streaming available at http://www.cdstreet.com/artists/jazioblaq

Set List

30-60 Minute Sets