Jazz Canvas

Jazz Canvas

 Poulsbo, Washington, USA

Jazz Canvas is a concert combining the work of jazz musicians and a painter who paints a work of art in response to the music live on stage. Each show features our trio, a guest musician, and is unique, unrehearsed and spontaneous. At the end of each performance, the painting is raffled off. One of the hottest and most creatively unique new live performance groups in Seattle, the Jazz Canvas is a truly memorable concert experience.


Jazz Canvas is a concept conceived by Terry Marsh, Tracie Marsh and Leigh Knowles Metteer. After doing a few jazz concerts at Knowles Studio in Poulsbo, Washington they came up with the idea of adding a visual aspect to the music. Since Jazz is such an organic form of music, containing the elements of improvisation and dialog between players, interpretive painting seemed a natural next step.

Since then the group has hosted many of the finest Jazz musicians on the Seattle Jazz Scene as well as the international scene. In 2011, the group toured to Chicago, was featured at Eastern Washington University as well as Central Washington University, and performed at Benaroya Hall for Ludovic Morlot of the Seattle Symphony. The paintings themselves are highly collectible and each one is made into a limited print and is part of an ongoing series called, "The Jazz Canvas."


Shows have featured:
Susan Pascal: Vibes
Hadley Caliman: Sax
Kyle Gregory: Trumpet
Dave Carson: Sax
Micheal Vanochek: Piano
Chad McCoulough: Trumpet
Greta Matassa: Vocalist
Gail Pettis: Vocalist
Tracie Marsh: Vocalist
Dave Marriott: Trombone
and more....

Set List

Original production show music to highlight the various colors used by the Painter mixed with the occasional jazz standard.