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Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Soul


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"Calendar Pick"

Rock Creek Park Dam Jam 2011
Wednesday June 15, 2011

Friday, June 17 & Saturday, June 18

Tent City
Twelve bands are collaborating this Friday and Saturday, under the direction of Logan Wallis and Allen Roper, to bring you the 2011 Rock Creek Park Dam Jam. A 45-minute drive will transport you to the park situated next to the Soquee River in Habersham County for two days full of jam rock, funk, jazz, Americana and more.

“This is a festival for music lovers of all ages. A two-day campout with some of Athens’ best local music and other bands throughout the South,” says Wallis. The festival boasts an impressive lineup, including 2011 Flagpole Athens Music Award nominees for best jam band Lefty Hathaway and Sumilan plus local favorites JazzChronic, Tent City and Laissez Funk. Also on the bill are reggae/dub/funk fusion quartet Domino Effect from Savannah, soulful jazz/funk band Those Cats from Statesboro, bluesy Savannah rock band The Looters and eclectic jam band Spong. Richard Chamberlain, perhaps best known for his work with the group Free Lunch, and Thomas Galloway of Mama’s Love will also be playing solo sets.

Rock Creek Park should provide a lovely setting for the weekend with a waterfall as your backdrop. In addition to the live music, you can also enjoy fishing, beer pong, a slip and slide, and ultimate Frisbee among other activities at the park. Bring your own beer and pay just $5 for entry, or pay $25 and enjoy free keg beer all weekend long.

Gates to the park open at noon on Friday, and the music starts at 4 p.m. For more information and the detailed schedule, check out www.tentcityband.com/Tent_City/rockcreekparkfestdetails.html.

Sarah Page Maxwell

- Flagpole Magazine Athens, GA

"Threats & Promises"

Music News & Gossip
By Gordon Lamb

Where You Goin’?: The No Where Bar seems to be making steady strides in becoming a regular music venue featuring original bands. Justin Willis, guitarist/vocalist for Athens band JazzChronic, is handling the booking for the shows, which take place on Friday and Saturday nights. You can check out what’s happening down there this Friday, Mar. 4, when JazzChronic itself plays with Big Daddy Love, or Saturday, Mar. 5, when Domino Effect plays the bar’s Mardi Gras party. For more information, please see www.playlivemusic.com

- March 2, 2011 - Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA

"- Dirty. Nasty. Funky. Groove. -"

"Groovathon” offers 80 minutes of tight arrangements, intricate horns, and excellent compositions.

JazzChronic, a quintet from Athens, Georgia, utilizes keyboards, guitar, and saxophone to make a sonically appealing mix of tracks. Their first album “Share the Wealth” was my introduction to the band, and it offered an energetic array of tracks to please the uninitiated. Tracks like “Drop Tha Funk” and “Spank Your Mom” made me crack a smile, and the album nestled itself into high rotation on the strength of those tracks and others. After placing “Share the Wealth” as my Homegrown Music Network “Staff Pick” for January 2011, I was pleased to hear that “Groovathon” would be soon in release. JazzChronic features the talents of Howard Stroud on keys, Leon Campbell on drums, Bill Baker on bass, Justin Willis on guitar, and Gnarly G on saxophones. A bevy of guest musicians appear on “Groovathon,” adding layers of trumpet, tuba, synthesizers and slide guitar. The resulting recipes are challenging, well composed, and epic in scope. The 12 tracks of “Groovathon” run nearly 80 minutes in duration, and present lots of twists and turns to chew on.

“Groovathon” begins with the enthusiastic “Future Classic,” driven by tight horns, skittering guitar, and mellifluous keys. Horns swell, alternate with guitar, and establish a nice jumping off point for the album. The title track is a lengthy, extended opus that utilizes horns, guitars, and keys in trademark fashion. “Peace of Me” displays yearning saxophone, while “Dirty Pockets” moves forward methodically and energetically, demonstrating Howard Stroud’s lightning quick fingers on the keys. “Grun Tu Molani” features Gnarly G’s saxophone and flute, and results in a pleasing, atmospheric jam. “Groove Pimps” is light-hearted and energetic, and utilizes excellent guitar as it races to its conclusion. Swanky saxophone adds embellishing flourishes to the mix.

“4 Lefts Don’t Make a Right” rises from the ashes of “Groove Pimps” and features syncopated horns and a nice groove. “Gimme Some Green” is a fun, light-hearted number featuring excellent saxophone from Gnarly G and Stroud’s trademark work on the keys. Justin Willis offers spirited runs on guitar, adding another layer of density to the jam. “HNL” offers another dose of expressive saxophone, guitar, and keys, while “On the Grind” is more contemplative, and thoughtful. It settles into a nice jam and sets the stage for “Rollin Thick.” The album closes nicely with “Takinemout.”

In reviewing the newest release from JazzChronic, I am most impressed with the band’s compositions. This album is epic in scope, with pleasing twists and turns, while excellent horns, keys, and guitar add excellent body to these jams. The tracks present an intriguing mix of funk sensibilities and jazz fusion jams, and illustrate pleasing new directions for the band.

- J Evan Wade
Leeway's Home Grown Music Network

- Leeway's Home Grown Network

"Groovin’ Thursday: JazzChronic – Rollin’ Thick"

Radical" Russ Belville
I am the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" for my work producing Oregon NORML's TV show, "A Cannabis Community Forum", and for helping to institute Portland's wildly successful medical marijuana cardholders meetings, where we help sick and disabled Oregonians acquire cannabis plant starts, learn gardening, and understand the medical marijuana law. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to be our daily voice.

JazzChronic, from the musical hotbed of Athens, GA plays original rock-funk injected jazz music that is reminiscent of funk organ and horn led bands of the late 70’s. JazzChronic creates high-energy music that is innovative, stimulating and brings a powerful musical experience for music fans everywhere.

The new album, Groovathon, is truly that, with funky tracks for phatty fans like “Groove Pimps”, “Gimme Some Green”, and “On the Grind”. Today we set the groove to instrumental saxified jazz-funk with a jam called “Rollin’ Thick”. It’s got a sound like somebody got Spyro Gyra really blazed and asked them to compose a soundtrack for a chase scene in a Cleopatra Jones flick. You’d better roll a thick one to get into this Groovathon with JazzChronic and “Rollin’ Thick”.


"Freakjams shouts out Chronic for being Superkrunk!"

Bio: This band of funky bluesy soul brothers originates from the hills around Athens, GA. They have the fresh crispy kind of funk emanating from their flying fluctuating fingertips. These guys are true soul pimps of the groove. They are understood as musical saints/hermits around their hometown, because they only come out to get funky! Illin saxophone crushes the funk like a seething mad Viking demon. Maximum bass relentlessly assaults your motion-flux capacitor and will charge up your funk batteries to unleash bombastic spurts of the "crazy legs". Let’s not forget the solid drums and snakelike guitar weaving and bobbing with various crispy wahs and clean tones for yo bones. The organ sits atop the clouds in JazzChronic's atmosphere as a Buddha-like deity adding moist precipitation to the grooves, as well as occasionally hurling blasts of hail and acid rain as well. JazzChronic are extreme bad asses of the funk! Check out JazzChronic's YouTube videos for live performances of pure sexual masterpieces. Their heady jams are like 100% raw dome candy!

I'll have to say JazzChronic is one of the seven secret ronins of Freakjams. They are like the Shogun Assassins of Funk. They travel from town to town bursting with a variety of funk flavors! They hopefully will grace a stage near you soon so they can exorcize the Oni and clean out your ki with their chronic vibes. You can locate their mojo at their homepage, www.jazzchronic.com or on Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation or YouTube! JazzChronic puts on a spectacular show of super-crunknicity and they have a new album out that is obviously an insta-classic. So go get you a copy of their new album, Groovathon and take a seriously long toke of JazzChronic!!

Posted by Freakjams at 6-10-11 2:51 PM
Labels: Athens, Chronic, Crunknicity, Dopeness, Freakjams, Funk, Groove, Jams, Jazz, Ki, Oni, Rock, Saxophone, Vikings, Zen

- Freakjams

"Don't Funk Me So Hard Mister!!!"

TN: Okay, Howard my man let the readers of the Nooze know about JazzChronic. How long have you guys been kickin' its jazzy little ass?

JC: From the beginning. it's been about 4 years, but this current lineup has been jazzing it for about a year and a half now.

TN: What's your current line up?

JC: Leon Campbell on drums, Bill Baker on bass, Luke "GnarlyG" Powell on sax, Justin Willis on guitar and me, I hammer on synthesizer.

TN: The recorded material I've heard from you guys sounds pretty live. Is it all recorded off the board at gigs?

JC: Most of it we recorded live at the Melting Point in Athens, some of it we did overdubs on the laptop but yeah, most of it is right off of the mixing board so you get the live feel, you know.

TN: However you're getting the sound you guys are getting, keep doing it. We get lots of requests on Nooze Music Radio (www.thenooze.net) for your material. The listeners are digging it.

JC: Well, that's what counts.

TN: That's what I'm saying.

JC: I think the direction that we are taking is capturing a certain audience.

TN: Yeah you definetly have found a niche. Have you got any plans to get out of Athens and maybe come to Gainesville?

JC: Well, we're working on it. We've played on the square for the Blue Sky concert Series not too long agoand we did a few gigs at Rhythm and Brews before they closed down. You know we are always looking for a new gig so send 'em our way.

TN: Definetly. You guys will definetly go over in the more sophisticated venues. Especially with that original sound you are pulling off. I really like "Spank Yo Mom."

JC: (Laughter) Yeah, I thought you would dig on that. We really go to take off on that one because of long the cut is. The boys all get to improvise on that one.

TN: You guys need to move on up to Helen and give 'em a taste of it.

JC: Yeah, we did Bigg Daddy's a couple of times back a while ago and I played at Tea Time with another band.

TN: Where are you going to be the end of July?

JC: The 25th. we're going to be at our place called the Nowhere Bar, the 26th we're going to at Farm 255, (both in Athens). We've been trying to break in there (Farm 255) and finally it's coming through for us.

TN: Well, you definetly deserve it Howard. Keep punching and don't funk them people too hard now.

JC: (Laughs) Okay, but I can't promise nothing, you know. Ya'll come see us! - The Nooze, Gainesville, GA July 2008 Edition

"JazzChronic brings diversity to Athens music scene"

JazzChronic, far from the typical Athens bred band raised on the epic rock and roll influences of the Classic City, prefer a different genre.
Mixing jazz and funk in fusion JazzChronic doesn't mind being the typical Athens band. Playing their unique sound all over the city and the state of Georgia for the past two years, JazzChronic has earned a reputation and fan base following them from one downtown venue to another.
Taking a good look inside the band revels JazzChronic is more unique than what meets the eye. Diverse in age, race, backgrounds and musical influences, they manage to blend perfectly.
Watching all five guys interact onstage and off, it's clear this band doesn't make it work; it's all natural. As Leon Campbell, drummer says, "It was love at first beat." Campbell continues, "We love to turn people with our music, when we play there is no beginning, no end."
With their musical influences including James Brown, Grant Green, GreyBoy All-Stars, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Carl Denson, George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, Dana Colley and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they all agree the funk brings them together.
Even so, JazzChronic can't help but let some of the rock and roll roots shine through. "At times [our music] is real rock and at times it's real chill.", Justin Willis, lead guitar describes. GnarlyG, saxophonist, adds "An experiment of cultural rhythms."
Each member of JazzChronic brings their thoughts to the table during the writing process. With the addition of the two youngest and newest members in the last year, Justin Willis, lead guitar and Bill Baker, bass, the keyboardist Howard Stroud describes their input as "young guns, new ideas." When they know the music's right GnarlyG says, "When it hits you, it hits you."
Another unique quality JazzChronic offers Athens, the town possesing every cover band imaginable, they have yet to play a single one. With growth and transformations, mixing old sound with the new, the guys always wanted to wait and cover only when they felt securely JazzChronic.
Now, without a doubt, their fans and they as well, know who exactly JazzChronic is. And so it may be in their close future; the addition of a few old school hits to their set list. "We are closer to playing covers than we ever have," says Stroud. "[The cover songs will be] something that people don't really know, but kind of know, in the back of thier heads when they hear it or recognize it." says GnarlyG. "No Free Bird," laughed Campbell.
JazzChronic's music and image wishes to be perceived as "positive, happy," says Campbell. "People can get something from our band. We've got white dudes, black dudes, old dudes, young dudes." "Fans can see our band and in the back of their heads think, that's cool that this whole mish mash of people can get together and play some music," says GnarlyG. Baker adds, "[we] just try to get people to have a good time."
Their love and appreciation for music doesn't stop in the blending of the sax, keyboards, guitars and drums. Each member has great appreciation of what the others bring to the group. "I like playing with all of them because we are all really coming into our own; each one of them is inspiring in one form or another through their playing and through their actions, that's it. I like them so much, all of them," says GnarlyG.
JazzChronic welcomes everyone to experience them "Smackin' th' taste outta yo' mouth." with their fusion music. Keeping ears and eyes open for JazzChronic is not challenging. In fact, the likelihood of JazzChronic playing directly across the street from the Georgia Theatre at the Nowhere Bar happens more often than not. If you can't find them there, rest assured, they are more than likely downtown somewhere.
Be sure to check JazzChronic out on Oct 30. They could not promise anything specific, but do plan on something wicked for the evening, assuring to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.
Along with seeing them live, check out JazzChronic's MySpace www.myspace.com/jazzchronic, and find information including upcoming shows, pictures, and much more.

By Whitney Conner
Voice Staff Writer
- The Voice Gainesville State College Oconee Campus October 23, 2008

"Funky Groups"

Issue date: 9/24/09

Section: Out & About

Conventional wisdom says funk is dead: Parliament represented the height of the genre and purist funk has little relevance in modern music.

Entropy, an Atlanta band returning heavy funk to its soul, R&B, and jazz roots, disagrees - and so far, audiences like their experiment in funkology.

The band recently returned from a successful tour of the West Coast.

When: 10 p.m. Saturday
Where: New Earth Music Hall
Price: $8

"Out West, they don't get to see a lot of acts like us," guitarist Bryan Goodman said. "They see a lot more reggae and bluegrass and electronica-type stuff, but as far as more pure funk … I don't think they get it as much."

Saturday night will be a funky night indeed as Entropy performs with JazzChronic, a band that fuses funk with jazz and rock and whose members' ages range from 22 to 57.

"[Keyboardist] Howard [Stroud] has been in bands since he was in college at UGA in '81 [or] '82, and he's played more gigs than I could ever think of," Willis said.

JazzChronic is working on a new album, which introduces a wider variety of musical influences than its rock-oriented debut.

"The newer stuff has been a lot more organ-based - almost soul-jazz, like the early Wes Montgomery and Grant Green," Willis said.

Entropy is likewise working on a new record, with singles expected by the end of the year and the full release by spring 2010. With female and male lead vocals, Goodman expects the new album to have a more rounded sound than Entropy's first two albums.

"Recording, in and of itself, is pretty much the polar opposite of playing live," Goodman said. "Live is sort of a continuous stream of moments that you try to blend together into this overall experience, whereas recording is like you're freezing a particular moment in time."

Athens' music scene is better known for rock and pop bands, but Goodman said funk still has its place.

"Music fans, in general, are music fans," Goodman said. "I haven't really found anyone who's just a reggae fan or just an electronica fan or just a funk fan."
- The Red and Black (UGA Athens, GA)

"JazzChronic CD Review "Share the Wealth""

Athens band JazzChronic has released their first full-length album entitled, "Share the Wealth." The genre-jumping production incorporates soul, funk, acid-jazz, and rock to literally share the riches of musical talent and collaboration. This inovative and creative work truly creates a powerful musical experience that will, in the words of the band, "melt your mind." As the latter half of the name of the band's name alludes, be sure to stock-up on your MJ, sit back and realize the musical experience. Titles such as "Do the Math," and "Soul True" will be sure to take the listener to audio-vana, a place of listening heaven that all JazzChronic fans have grown accustomed to. The group will be playing numerous shows around Athens in the upcoming months, including a 5/2 set at the Caledonia Lounge in Athens.

by Will Hackett - The Athens Blur Magazine May 2009, Will Hackett, reviewer

"The music scene in Statesboro is alive and kicking"

Brent Hulsey, owner of the Louisiana-inspired local hotspot, The French Quarter Café has taken it upon himself to inspire the community and area into reviving the music scene into what it once was.
"Each quarter we’re going to do a music festival," said Hulsey. "We’re really trying to push the music and art scene and get people out and involved in music here in Statesboro. We take a lot of pride trying to be the best music venue here in town."
Over the summer, French Quarter played host to a summer music festival, which attracted acts like Tent City. Now, they're bringing a welcome back party of their own as they host the first Fall Music and Arts Festival.
Starting at 8 p.m. with a cover of $5 to enjoy the night's drink specials and three acts that are entertaining and talented.
First up comes the local favorite, The Next Level Ensemble. A group whose inspiration ranges from Ozzy Osbourne to Herbie Hancock and India Arie, they are the new hot group to hit Statesboro.
To hear Next Level and get more information on them, check out their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/nextlevelensemble.
Next there's JazzChronic, a band from Athens who describes their sound as, "the intersection of our influences and the amalgamation of our imaginations to create a fusion flavored music born from funk, jazz, rock, r&b, hip hop and world music with exuberance, youthfulness and experience."
Check them out at www.myspace.com/jazzchronic.
The headliner of the night is Machine Funk, who pays tribute to Widespread Panic.
The band is made up of: Sean Mills, Kyle Hurst, Mike Brown, Greg Buie, Parker DeWitt and Chris Hall. Together since 2006, the band has shared the stage with performers such as: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, North Mississippi All-Stars and Jojo Herman of Widespread Panic.
For more on Machine Funk, check out their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/machinefunkband.
- The 11th Hour, Statesboro, GA.

"Music and Racing in Athens"

This is the weekend of the UGA/Athens Twilight Jazz Festival and Twilight Criterium. It’s sports, music and partying that no one can do like Athens. They close the streets (see map) to traffic and form a 1 KM race track. The race goes clockwise for 80 KM. Meanwhile, partiers have snagged outdoor tables both inside and outside the course. Then everyone proceeds to cheer the racers with downtown Athens’ food and drink. Really, this is one of the state’s best street parties - sports enthusiasts, music lovers and everyone who likes to eat and drink are there.
Did you know that jazz is a uniquely American form of music? The UGA/Athens Twilight Jazz Festival starts at noon Friday, runs until 9:30, then at 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Saturday and is free. Featuring Jazz Guitarist Mimi Fox, the U. S. Army Ground Forces Jazz Guardians, trombonist Andy Martin, Athens’ own Baby’s Blue Swing Set featuring Mary Sigalas, JazzChronic, Rand Lines Trio, Walter, Classic City Jazz, Georgia Brass, UGA Jazz Band, One Ton Tomato, Jazz Truth. There will also be some high school and college ensembles. There will be jam sessions at Cine starting at 9:30 p.m. Friday, at a cost of $5.
Not really a racer but like to pedal? They have just the event for you. It’s a 50 or 100 kilometer ride through northeast Georgia’s rolling countryside past Beaver Dam Farm (built by Kenny Rogers hence the name Gambler). Like a poker run, you pick up cards at several stops and the best hand at the end wins.
Athens gets into this bike/music celebration by bringing Bike movies to the Lab at Cine - including Breaking Away, Quicksilver and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.
Getting there: Take 316 East, which turns into Atlanta Highway. Follow Atlanta Highway another three miles to downtown. There’s a parking garage in downtown. If you’re not familiar with Athens, you’ll want to come back.
Insider’s tip: This is a university town. The cops know exactly what it means if you are driving 2 miles under the speed limit or it takes you too long to dim your lights. And they’ve heard ‘em all. Bring a designated driver.

- Athens Banner-Herald

"JazzChronic surprises, succeeds with new album"

By Whitney Conner
Voice Staff Writer 924167533@gsc.edu

Right off the bat with track one, "Openly Closed," JazzChronic opens up their first album, "Share the Wealth," on a good note. Solo guitar rhythms, followed by drums and saxophone; bring an upbeat jazz feel to this track. "Openly Closed" made me feel like a warm sunny day. It leaves a listener excited to see what the album has to offer in the next eleven tracks.
JazzChronic introduces the funk in the second track, "Shotgun Wedding," with repetitive sounds that get you're your body in the one move grove, rocking back and forth of course. Track three, "Share the Wealth," is very put together. It sounds like a song a jazz band would play in the background at a suit-and-tie dinner and gives off great vibes that make you relax
and smile. The band's rhythms harmonize throughout the entire song, making it really shine. "Drop tha Funk" is the first time there are any vocals and those consist of, "I'm ready, are y'all ready?" "Yea." "Then why don't we drop the funk on their dome." And that is exactly what "Drop tha Funk" does the entire song.
Throughout the rest of the album, JazzChronic really displays a new put togetherness and grownup sound. Track nine, "Spank Your Mom," starts with a 10 second sax intro and laid-back, slow groove. Then the vocals come in, keeping the slow groove until the chorus hits with a fast and frank, "I want to spank your mama on the hiney." This song is very sexy throughout the verses and silly in the chorus. Background female vocals come in at the three-minute mark of the six-minute song and add to the already very diverse vocals.

"Share the Wealth" shares for sure. Shares the unity JazzChronic has found. They have found their niche; they have found their sound. The rhythms are on time, consistent, and fluid. The CD is a very light and easy listen. The jazz makes you feel good, and the funk comes in and gets your body moving. The drums, the sax, the guitar, bass, and keyboards flow into a masterpiece.

For any already JazzChronic fan, this album will blow you away! For anyone who is not, after listening to "Share the Wealth," I can promise that the next time you see they are playing, you will not miss it.
"Share the Wealth" is the grownup, matured JazzChronic. They know exactly who they are and that is exactly what they do. And exactly why this CD gets an A+ review from me. It is not bias, it is what it is; JazzChronic came into their own through "Share the Wealth." What more could you ask for than a first album to, not only define who they are, but show how far you have come. Check out "Share the Wealth," you will not be disappointed, but oh so pleasantly surprised. I sure was!
- The Voice (Gainesville State College Newspaper. Watkinsville, GA)

"JazzChronic CD Review from www.jazzandsoul.eu"

Share the Wealth
© 2009 JazzChronic

Contemporary rock, funk injected jazz music with a key role for Gnarly G's saxophone playing and the Half Dozen Brass Band.
Well-balanced grooves with a professional sound, subtle without being too complicated. Suited as background tunes and clubbing as well.
Our top tracks: Openly Closed, Soul True and Spank your Mom.
Duration: 66.04 (12 tracks)
Genre: Jazz | Fusion
Labeled: Recommended
- www.jazzandsoul.eu

"Descriptions of JazzChronic shows"

From Athens Jazz 411

Sax dynamo GnarlyG is the dude who makes it all work, and work totally, for this ensemble that stirs up a smokin' bouillabaisse of funk, soul, rock, and jazz. (I caught Gnarly's soloing at the 2009 AthFest, and I was totally blown away.) Leon Campbell, a seasoned sticks man from America's great Northwest, keeps the beat for JazzChronic. Rounding out the ensemble are Justin Willis on guitar, Bill Baker on bass, and Howard Stroud on keys. These guys stay busy, playing from Athens to Memphis and at points in between. You can contact JazzChronic by email (jazzchronicgigs@charter.net) or by phone (678-630-9923).

From AthFest

JazzChronic (4:10 p.m. Sunday, July 26, 2009 Hull Street Stage) - Led by the superior reed work of Gnarly G (who plays with several other local ensembles), JazzChronic plays a bewitching blend of fast-paced styles guaranteed to keep audiences in constant motion.
- Athens Jazz 411, AthFest

"Dispatch from Terrapin Brewing Company"

All I really wanted to do was check out the sounds of JazzChronic, a local fusion group I’d heard only on their site. The gig was tour day at local micro-brewer Terrapin Beer Co. So I asked the van’s navigator, Gertrude, to set a course for 265 Newton Bridge Road, and Pat and I were off to industrial Athens. Terrapin, it turns out, is housed in a big beige building on the left soon after you turn left onto Newton Bridge from Chase Street. The first surprise — should it have been a surprise? — was that they needed someone out front to direct the cars to parking spots, like Six Flags or something. Did anyone say beer? We stood in line with a score or so of twenty-somethings ready to party. We could hear JazzChronic through the wooden fence separating the parking lot from the good-time crowd. For some reason, the ID checker — who “checks everybody” — didn’t check us. Huh. Anyway, we paid the eight bucks apiece for some fancy souvenir glasses and some beer tickets, then headed into the big room — high ceiling, no frills, beer bar at the far end, and really big shiny tanks huddled over to the right. We took the tour. (You should take it, too. The story of the company is well worth a listen.) It turns out that one of my former students is training to be a summer tour guide! And Doug from basketball was there. And one of Pat’s co-workers from Food Services was there. Anyway, we ordered the Golden Ale, which is very nice. And award-winning. Then we headed outside to a large expanse of lawn full of youngsters having fun in the sun. Some guys were serving up delicious barbecue sandwiches at a long fold-up table, and JazzChronic was serving up some high-energy amplified funk-rock-jazz (in that order) from an outdoor stage on the right. We had a blast! JazzChronic will never be featured on XM’s “real” jazz channel. Jazz is only a piece of what they do. They’re all about the beat. So the Terrapin gig seems just right for their sound. The beer tours, by the way, continue today and tomorrow at Terrapin.

- Athensjazz411.com


Our first full length CD, "Share the Wealth," can be accessed at CD Baby, and at athensmusic.net

JazzChronic is now a member of Leeway's Homegrown Music Network!

"Groovathon," our second full length CD is available on http://homegrownmusic.net;athensmusic.net

Please check out www.jazzchronic.com www.myspace.com/jazzchronic and www.reverbnation.com/jazzchronic for more samples and releases of our music.



The future is bright for JazzChronic! Our line up is solid with Justin Willis (guitar, vocals), Bill Baker (bass), Gnarly G (tenor, baritone, soprano saxes, vocals, flute) and Howard Stroud (keyboard with organ and rhodes flavor). The music we perform has taken a turn toward harder funk, reminiscent of the horn led bands of the late 70's. JazzChronic plays a mix of funk, rock and roll, R&B, jazz and soul. JazzChronic's music is composed with all of the members contributing.

We really enjoy performing at festivals, special events and clubs!

These are the festivals we have performed:

AthFest 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Alpharetta Arts Street Festival 2007, 2008, 2009, Atlanta Downtown Festival & Tour of Lofts 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. First Night Gainesville, 2004, 2005, Lawrenceville Lights! 2006, 2007, 2008, Southworks Arts Festival 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (Watkinsville, GA), Shedd Fest 2009 (Screven County, GA) Goombay! Festival 2004, 2008, 2010 (Asheville, NC), Atlanta Wings Festival 2007, Chicken City Festival 2006 (Gainesville, GA), Blue Sky Concert Series 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 Gainesville, Ga, Sustainapalooza 2009 (UGA Legion Field), The Cherry Blossom Festival 2009 (Grand Finale Macon, GA), UGA/Twilight Criterium Jazz Festival 2009, The Oakhurst Arts and Music Festival 2009 (Decatur, GA), Ad Astra Music Festival 2010 (Big Island, VA), Decatur Arts Festival 2010 (Decatur, GA) MuleFest 2008, 2009 (Athens, GA), The GETDOWN Music Festival and Campout 2010 (Mebane, NC), Concerts on the Square 2010 (Decatur, GA), Athens Human Rights Festival 2011 (Athens, GA), Rock Creek Dam Jam Festival 2011 (Clarkesville, GA), AthFest Club Crawl @ The Rye Bar 2011.

These are the clubs, taverns and venues we have performed:

The Georgia Theatre, Tasty World, the 40 Watt Club, New Earth Music Hall, Farm 255, Caledonia Lounge, The Melting Point, The Nowhere Bar, The Rye Bar, Little Kings, (Athens, GA). Two Sticks (Oxford MS), Neil's Bar and Grille (Memphis, TN), Little 5 Points Corner Tavern (Atlanta, GA), LiveWire (Savannah, GA), Rafter 's BB-Q and Blues (St. Simons, GA), Sticky Fingers (Atlantic Beach, FL), Cenci (East Atlanta, GA), Surrey Tavern (Augusta, GA), Sky City (Augusta, GA), Mellow Mushroom (Tuscaloosa, AL), WUGA 91.7 & WUGA TV Channel 15 Simulcast for "It's Friday," 2009, 2010, The Blind Tiger (Greensboro, NC), , The Double Door Inn (Charlotte, NC), The Downtown Tavern (Gadsden, AL), Juggling Gypsy (Wilmington, NC), MoDaddy's (Asheville, NC), The Boone Saloon (Boone, NC), The Waka Winter Classic (New Earth Music Hall, Athens, GA), Gillie's (Blacksburg, VA), Martin's (Roanoke, VA), Buffalo's Southwest Cafe' (Statesboro, GA), The Peachtree Tavern (Atlanta, GA), Lexington Avenue Brewery, A.K.A., the LAB (Asheville, NC), The Emerald Lounge (Asheville, NC), The Five Spot (Atlanta, GA), O' Malley's (Charleston, SC), The Fat Frogg (Elon, NC), 529 (Atlanta, GA), Gnat's Landing (Statesboro, GA), Hendershot's Coffee and Bar, (Athens, GA), The Palace Saloon (Amelia Island, FLA), North Beach Grill (Tybee Island, GA), Dogstar Tavern (Fernandina Beach, FLA), Huckapoo's (Tybee Island, GA), Coach's Corner (Savannah, GA), and other clubs, bars and special events!

Our influences include, but are not limited to:

Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Soulive, The New Mastersounds, The Sound Stylistics, Rudder, DJ Logic, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Joshua Redman, Jimmy Herring, Jimi Hendrix, Chromeo, The James Taylor Quartet, The Motet, The Funky Meters, Frank Zappa, The Big Organ Trio, Jeff Coffin, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Clinton and P-Funk, Stevie Wonder, Morphine, Victor Wooten, John Scofield, Steely Dan, Snarky Puppy, Ulu, Umphrey's McGee, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Allman Brothers, The Greyboy All Stars, A.K.A.C.O.D., The Dead Kenny G's, Charlie Hunter, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many others who continue to constantly create, inspire and motivate!