Jazzelation combine the freedom and intimacy of jazz with the spirit of soul music.


With influences ranging from Miles Davis to Mahalia Jackson, the debut album from UK band Jazzelation is a tour de force. Acclaimed singer Alison Bentley has a richly soulful voice matched by an effortless technique. The musicianship is of the highest order: bluesy Hammond organ and guitar meld with sax and trumpet over grooving percussion and double bass. The melodic compositions evoke a timeless quality: familiar elements of improvised jazz, blues and r&b come together to create a distinctive and contemporary sound.
The result is vibrant, jazz-inspired music from the heart.

Members of the band have worked with leading UK musicians such as Jonathan Gee, Jamie Cullum, and Jim Mullen as well as international artists such as Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Dionne Warwick, Maddy Prior and Burt Bacharach. They have performed at music venues and festivals around the world.


The debut album is due for release in 2009
Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London.

Set List

The Debut Album:

1 Like a River 5:42
2 In the Falling Snow 4:28
3 Sometime Soon 6:38
4 Keep this Love in Mind 5:17
5 Shining Down 7:14
6 I Need Some Peace of Mind 4:31
7 Spring is such a Beautiful Thing 5:40
8 Beyond the Stars 5:55
9 In Our Music 5:14
10 Evensong 5:24

Playing Time: 56:21