Carma's music is a fresh, genius blend of soul and jazz. Her inclination towards a confessional lyric makes the music universally compelling, reaching deep into the human consciousness. A talent not to be missed.


Carma is an American Singer Songwriter who stirs the soul with a rich blend of Jazz, Soul, Folk, and Blues. Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Carma began to play the guitar and write songs at the age of 15. Her style is best described as "Mood Elevating Adult Contemporary" and intended for the mature listener. Carma has traveled far and wide in search of inspiration to continue her spiritual songwriting journey. Where Carma resides now is relative to where her music continues to take her. Carma recently released a 4 song EP in Spring 2008, "Carma is Working" and will be releasing her debut album early Summer 2009. Her music is reminiscent of Joan Osborne, Sade, Sarah McClachlan, and Tuck and Patty.

Gear: Takamine Electric Acoustic Guitar, Simon and Patrick Woodland Cedar Electric Acoustic Guitar, Fender Acoustasonic Jr., Behringer Ultracoustic ACX 900 PA, Sabine Tuning Pedal, Shure SM-58 Microphone


"Simple." - 2009
"Carma is Working" EP - 2008
"9" - 2007
"Demolicious" - 2004
"Demo Sampler" - 2003

Set List

I have 3/45 minute sets of original material available. I play cover songs upon request.