Live band that tells lyrics that permeate through performance and mind with which soul overflows and extend.


JAZZNEKO is formed by JESUS(vocals,guitar),NAKAJIMA(bass) and YABUKI(drums) in Tokyo in June 2002. As know as "REVOLUTIONARY ROCK BAND IN JAPAN", they are a thrilling rock band, passionately committed and unafraid to put themselves on the line.They are influenced by all kind of rock music, such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, U2, NIRVANA, and RHCP etc..They've released 3 EP and CD and Best album [In the Name of the REVOLUTION ] .They played with many exciting bands like RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, PRIMAL SCREAM and Mars Volta etc.. at huge japan festival called FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL(05,06) 2 years in a row and MINAMI WHEEL(07.08.09)3 years in a row.

[The article on JAZZNEKO in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'06]
None of that jazz...
The best things to be found at FRF are not always listed on the schedule. And the tiny stage that has built off the side of the boardwalk is one of those hot spots to watch. As I made my way to Heaven I found Jazzneko busying themselves in preparation for a performance. And though the name suggested jazz, they were anything but. Think more Chili Peps meet Iggy Pop and throw in some slick 70s guitar licks and you'll have a better idea of what they sounded like. My buddy thought they sounded like the Hi-Lows. So add a dash of that, too, just for good measure. No one in this 3-piece band (lead guitar and vocals, bass and drums) was young, but they had quite a few young fans, all of whom someone managed to mosh themselves off the boardwalk into the bushes below and back again. At one point I thought the singer was going to jump on in with us, too. They were a bit mad and very manic. And all the while people kept pouring through the gap on their way to and from the White Stage and Heaven. Reported by sisterchill


In the name of the revolution (BEST ALBUM)
Versus(Split mini album)
murffin's circus(COMPILATION ALBUM (V.A))