Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen


A collective ensemble that plays original composed/improvised music combining elements of jazz, rock, punk and 20th century classical music.


It seems the genius' that run UVM music have fallen ass-backward into a collective of supremely talented young musicians. Jazz Rehab play jazz in the experimental and improvised sense; their sound is a torrent of carefully gathered influences and creative innovation. The music is inflated with a spirit of true eclecticism that comes from both traditional education and a transcendental desire for new sounds. A brief conversation with bass player Ian Kovac reveals the bands zeal for the off-beat, form Free Jazz, to Post-Rock improvised noise and funk. These disparate influences and innumerably more all make incredible sense in the capable hands of Jazz Rehab. Alto Sax player Andy Allen frequently introduces melodic elements that take a journey through unrecognizable territory only to re-emerge backed by the fury of the whole band. The interplay between guitar/piano lines and sax passages are particularly interesting. Each member, of course, has the ability to solo in a traditional straight-ahead jazz sense but this impulse is often disregarded for a simultaneously improvised caterwaul. Complex themes integrate seamlessly between members and are backed by the sensational and inventive percussionist Peter Negroponte. This level of experimentation is somewhat unusual for typically shallow monkey house fare. Jazz Rehab will challenge your music listening skills. The musicians from Jazz Rehab are in numerous other projects including Rail, The Anthony Santor Group, the Xander Naylor Trio, Gua Gua, Stacked and others -Andrew Menke, The Deli Magazine


First Jazz Rehab Album to hit this Summer!