Jazz Trio

Jazz Trio

 Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA

Hi I'm Steve Prontnicki. I'm in a band called the Jazz trio. Were a fusion group that's a mix of Bluegrass with Jazz. We just played our first paying gig with the annual univest investors meeting. were going to be hitting the recording studio on Jan 4th to work on our new cd.


Whasup? This is Steve Prontnicki of The Jazz Trio, trimming trees... the sound of rock, the size of a man's fist delving straight from his life. Yo gotta find out about us. Shredding, sheding and shining a flash light on the thunder and lightning. Theres really no need to fear anything but fear itself. As far as anybody knows we'll just pick a bale of cotton till the newspapers print those tales sales of cash in hand. allright green the grass Tofu buddies!


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Set List

Plaster of Paris
The turn
My ship.
It came from the west.
Satin Doll
blue monk
Etude no. 141
ichar von faust
blues from the low low land
gentry rhodes a buck.