Jazzy J

Jazzy J


Jazzy J brings fun, freedom and energy to her music. Think Sheryl Crow meets No Doubt influenced by Bon Jovi. With her lively performances she draw's the audience in - wether it's a chilled out acoustic number or full fueled Rock n Roll Hit. Variety & great lyrics - leaves everyone wanting more!


The Recipe is simple... you take 1 cup of New Zealand Firefighter, 1 teaspoon of radio Promotion Chick, 1 heaped table spoon of Property investor, mix in an English Professor and stir in a Super Yachtie and what do you get? Jazzy J - and after all this - she knows ROCK STARDOM is for her. Not everyone has such a diverse Resume with living in countries such as South Korea, France and Italy - Jazzy J believes people watching is the key to her songs - and when you can't quite speak the language - you take a lot in. With such a positive energy and vibe around her – her plan to pursue her music as a career is shaping up nicely. Coming from a family of seven there was no shortage of music - not always melodic! Her father an accomplished electric guitarist showed her a few basics on the guitar and from a young age she would mess around with any instrument she could get her hands on.

It wasn't until January 2008 “while backstage at a Bon Jovi concert and in complete awe!” – She became motivated to put her dream into an action plan. Jazzy J moved to South Korea to make her dream into a reality. Forming her first band Band 'Jazzy J and the Money shots'. “Korea was great place to get my feet wet, there's something interesting about performing to a crowd that's so into it - but still don't quite understand what you're singing about!"

She describes her musical influences as 'and and'... as she can't just pick 1 or 5 or 10 artists. There's always an and! She loves it all! - but especially Rock and Roll. Her new debut album 'Playing with the knowledge’ is full of powerful guitar riffs, awesomely catchy sing-along choruses, beats galore, and a rock 'n' roll fearless attitude.

With her fun stage presence, quirky lyrics and catchy chorus's you just know 'Playing with the knowledge' is gonna be a great one to see live...

“There is nothing better than giving it your all on stage and having fans sing your lyrics back to you.”

While recording her new album 'Playing with the knowledge' – her message has remained clear. If you don't wake up everyday and love what you're doing – do something about it!

'I really enjoyed taking these everyday scenarios and sculpting then into lyrics...’ and from listening to the album you can tell, this girl from New Zealand knows what she's talking about! Playing with the knowledge proves her singing / songwriting talent. From the fun and energetic "HOT SUN HOLIDAY' (one of Jazzy J's personal favorites) to the unstoppable first single "Money Money Money". 'If you want to make it happen, you need to take action' and that's why she was intensely involved in every aspect of 'Playing with the Knowledge's' creation: From writing all the songs, to finding a producer to adjusting the smallest details of the instrumentals.

“I really want this record to be my strong foundation, so next year I can start building the sky scrapper.”

Thinking outside the square is what she does best, so watch out – cause she'll surprise. 'Playing with the Knowledge' is Jazzy J summed up.... gutsy, fun, rocking and memorable. And yes she knows it and is 'playing with the knowledge'...


Hot sun holiday - Chorus

Written By: Jazzy J


She said hey look this way its a beautiful day, the sun never takes a holiday for you...
Feel it in the air, see it in your stare, dreams come true for the chasers...
Cause we're on Holiday...A Hot Sun Holiday
If it's calm today, then we'll sail away....
Cause we're on Holiday... Hot Sun Holiday

A cool breeze brushes the hair on your arms, as you dance to the Island beat (so sweet)
Smiles all around, no frowns to be found.
You're loving the chillen retreat...

(Cause we're on Holiday...A Hot Sun Holiday
If it's calm today, then we'll sail away....
Cause we're on Holiday... Hot Sun Holiday) x 2

You sail away into the sea blue while you gaze at the palm trees too...
Red sky at night, means sailors delight, so tomorrow we're getting the blue skies too...

Cause we're on Holiday...A Hot Sun Holiday
If it's calm today, then we'll sail away....
Cause we're on Holiday... Hot Sun Holiday


Playing with the Knowledge (EP)- soon to be released

Set List

Set List can be adjusted depending on the event ... we also do a range of covers ...

She also does a full band set up - or solo acoustic set up ...

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