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Band Rock Blues


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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WE have one album thats about to be released. RAISED TO THE GROUND.
We have some air play planned for the comming months. big radio stations in england dont seem to be botherd with many unsighned bands at the moment unless you have an agent or a manager.


Feeling a bit camera shy


James bennett started a solo project away from his main band at the time (MEXICAN DEVIL) and created james bennett and the load expensive love. They gig constently and went through so many drummers who wernt dedicated to the band. James then changed the band name to jb3, They then found charlie caine and the line up was complete as in october with charlie taking a permenet seat in the band. They had there first gig in october in a little club in there home town and we smashed it...litterly the stage was a wreck after we had finished playing with the drum kit in peices and chips out of guitars and 3 sweaty guys all out of breathe wondering what the hell just happend people where stunned by the pure explosion what just happend before them jb3 have continued to gig since then and have built up a very respectifull fan base. They have recorded there own album with there own money with out any label or agents help. we a different to other bands because it doesnt matter if we are playing infornt or 3 or 3000 people we give it our all...and we gig anywhere if there is a slot avalible last minute jb3 will take it even if it meens doing an acoustic set you can be sure we are there.. We are influenced by hendrix,zepplin,cream,jhon mayer, kravitz, the who, rage, free. we love playing live and loud with bags of energy everytime we love it!