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If to be prodigious means to be exceptionally gifted by God at a young age, then singer/songwriter/producer/musician Jonathan Brown may very well qualify for the title. At the barely post-pubescent age of 24 (JB has been playing piano since the age of 5), Jonathan Brown is exceptionally adept on more than ten instruments including the piano, trombone, trumpet, sousaphone and baritone. In his short life, JB has penned nearly 200 songs, 15 of which can be heard on his superb sophomore project entitled Stand, currently in stores.

Biographical notes notwithstanding, the Savannah, GA native has seen his proverbial star steadily rising on the local Gospel scene and now is looking to ‘stand’ out among the crowd as A New Voice in Gospel. With a musical background spanning classical to jazz, this multi-talented youngster has begun to establish himself, and without the benefit of big-label backing, has made a scornful music industry perk up and take notice, receiving accolades from Billboard, Great American Song and Nashville Star Search. In 2004, while still too young to rent a car, he released his freshman project, Restore Me on his own label, Genesis Entertainment and has not looked back since.

A musician at heart, JB showcases his instrumental ingenuity on the jazzy Stand Up and allows the trumpet to take the throne in Only Believe, a track that is rife with the laid-back bluesy big-band feel of a hazy New Orleans summer night.

With an introspective intake of breath, God Is Calling You is an altar call to give one’s life over to the loving arms of God. Exhibiting a certain classic traditionalism, the simple poetry of this song harkens back to such gospel classics by Commissioned and The Winans.

Funky chords rule the panegyric prose of I Give You Praise as the trumpet decisively punctuates the words of the 150th Psalm. Jonathan shows off his versatile tenor vocals while proclaiming his praise to the Master. The ensuing title track uses the familiar prose of the believer in a quieter melodic ballad laced with Urban influences affirming the psalmist’s vows to be faithful in return for the great reward awaiting him on the streets of gold.

The candid words of God is Not Done will resonate well with any Christian who understands that...He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ... here, Jonathan is unapologetic about his human frailties, yet confident in the power of God to perfect him.

Allowing himself moments of quiet contemplation, Jonathan gets deeply personal, baring his soul in the vulnerable Made Up Mind, an unadorned view into the soulful soliloquy of the redeemed, and Cry No More is a loving eulogy of hope that sees Jonathan addressing his final goodbyes to dearly departed friend Marcel Perry the best way he knows how.

From the melodic piano of He’s Been So Good to the joyous contemporary rhythms of Just Praise to the wispy neo-sacred soul of Forever, Jonathan Brown exhibits a musicality beyond his years. The graceful integration of practised musicianship and inspirational lyricism is a testament to why he may well deserve the moniker A New Voice in Gospel...to watch! - Jennifer Floraine Belot


1. It's Time (2002 pre-release)

2. Restore Me (2004 release available on Cdbaby.com w/ audio clips)

3. Stand (2007) AllAboutJB.com

4. Unison Gospel Revolution (2008) UnisonForever.com

5. Victory (2009)



As the award-winning prodigy on Genesis Entertainment, JB is rapidly elevating beyond measure and proving himself to be one of the best upcoming talents in modern Gospel music. Combining styles from a background of jazz, classical, and gospel music, JB is expressing urban gospel in a manner that is definitely outside of the box. Receiving numerous acclaims as an instrumentalist, a writer, a vocalist, and a producer is nothing shy of dynamic for this 23 year old wonder, “The New Voice in Gospel.”
Born and raised in Savannah, GA, Jonathan Brown, the son of Pastor Freddie Brown Sr., spent much of his life in church working with choirs and bands to perfect his gift. As a teen, JB teamed up with Darrell Parker of Godson Records to start co-producing local artist in his town. His incredible ability to play multiple instruments such as the piano, trombone, euphonium, to almost any brass instrument you can find, landed him to being a true commodity in the studio and on stage. JB toured on weekends around the Southeast with several groups like his art school jazz band, church choir, and by himself. In this period JB was developing as a compelling pianist and a songwriter to be reckoned with and was also learning the music business. He attended Clark Atlanta University for a year under a full music scholarship for piano and trombone, but his desire to perform and was too strong, and he left seeking a career in music. Upon being in Atlanta, JB was offered to sign with a few local labels but felt that the resources weren’t great enough for his vision. Around this time, Brown gained those resources and started Genesis Entertainment, an independent label based out of Atlanta. Brown spent most of his time building his 2004 release “Restore Me” to open ears and gain attention to his music. While his album did not generate much spotlight, Brown continued to build upon his fan base and audience. Upon doing this JB has been awarded by Billboard, Great American Song, and Nashville Star Search to just to name a few, for his songwriting excellence. Being that JB's work has been viewed by many as fairly stunning, he had only revealed one side of his music ability. Brown eventually began to branch out and compose arrangements for small films. More impressively, JB created such a numerous repertoire that he had to establish a table of contents to be able to locate his works. Brown has written for several artist signed and unsigned, but his ability extends far beyond the pen. Though many challenges, JB is said to become the most sought-after writer, arranger, producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist in gospel music. Though Brown has reached a high level in his music,
his potential is even greater. Being a team player, disciplined, attaining high tolerance, and
exemplifying a positive image have played a great part in his success. Though JB is a phenomenon,
humbleness reigns and arrogance doesn't surpass it. His distinct down-to-earth attitude sets him apart from most. In an era of mega-talented youngsters, JB stands out from the rest. And if this all sounds too good to be true, just remember, miracles always do. JB is scheduled to release his follow-up album, Stand, in January, 2008.