New York City, New York, USA

JBABUN calls himself the forgotten love child of James Brown, the Fania All Stars & Jorge Ben! He is a Puerto Rican living in New York with a Brazilian Fetish. Accompanied by his band, JBabun brings the Brazilian funk accompanied by an undeniable Boricuan flirt found in the heart of their lyrics. You will feel the heat and the urge to dance to the beat as soon as they hit the stage.


JBabun is a shining force of pure Latin Soul, brewed in his native Puerto Rico and seasoned in the streets of New York. Together with his 8-person backing band, The Cabasas, he makes Spanish-language funk that’s seriously fresh and groovy-as-hell. The band takes elements from Nigerian Afrobeat, Nuyorican Salsa and Brazilian Tropicalia and blends them into a sound both dangerous and danceable. He is the forgotten love-child of James Brown, The Fania All-Stars, and Jorge Ben. Fathers, hold on to your daughters.

JBabun grew up in San Juan on a diet of US and Latin sounds, but his musical mission changed shape when he started digging into vintage Brazilian cuts at the East Village record shop Tropicalia in Furs.After tearing through vinyl from Tim Maia, Jorge Ben and Marcos Valle he became a man on a mission. He studied traditional Brazilian rhythms and eventually began to compose songs in Spanish around them. The result is something that, somehow, hasn’t quite been done before: a translation of golden-era Brazilian pop to New York’s growing retro-soul and Latin alternative scenes.

With a massive horn section and one of the baddest rhythm sections around in planet Brooklyn, JBabun and the Cabasas delivers a party so deep, you might not be able to return!!!