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JB Barnett

Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"JB Barnett "The Getaway" by Steve Rangel"

JB BARNETT “The Getaway EP”
"JB Barnett’s excellent lyrics are filled with contradictions, so I’ll use one to describe his voice: He sounds like everyone, and he sounds like no one. One listen and you’ll find yourself thinking “I’ve heard this guy before. Who does he sound like?” Ponder the question a bit longer and you realize: he sounds like JB Barnett.

“The Getaway EP” is a seven song offering from one of the most promisingsinger-songwriters you’ll find in Houston or anywhere else. Barnett’s soothing voice is so comfortable you’ll swear you’ve been listening to him for years. He’s an old soul storyteller, a genuine artist with an impressive gift for expression.

The album’s opener, “The Getaway”, is a great acoustic rocker that is a fine example of the almost immeasurable lyrical sophistication that you’ll find on the entire CD. “Follow Me” is a bit more upbeat, accentuated by more percussion and an exquisite arrangement.

And while most of the songs are enhanced by smart, tasteful harmonies, the gorgeous vocal layering on “Not About A Girl” is particularly noteworthy. Although numerous influences are evident in Barnett’s warm delivery, the most obvious to me are Gordon Lightfoot and Don Henley. But he takes a more Jim Croce-style turn with “City Lights”, a beautiful, homesick ballad that threatens to steal the whole show (no easy task here).

This is an effort that definitely leaves you wanting more. Do yourself a favor and get to know JB Barnett. You’ll swear you’ve met him somewhere before…"
- Music News Magazine

"JB Barnett"

When I hear about solo acts what usually runs through my mind is dull acoustic chords being played in repetition for three minute segments followed by one uninspired song after the other. Thankfully SoundSuck has found hope in one JB Barnett, a relative newcomer to the scene but definitely an artist who is here to stay. I got the chance to ask JB some questions and pick at the mind of one of our favorite upcoming musicians…

SoundSuck: Alright, so you just moved from the states to Australia, tell us about your travels and what motivated you to make that journey.

JB Barnett: It started with a conversation I had with a friend at a wedding that had just got back from traveling in Europe. She said it was the best thing she had ever done. About 2 weeks later I was driving with my girlfriend and it just kind of came out. I said I wanted to move to Australia. That was in September of 07, so I started saving up my money and started working on my EP. I quit my job in December, and finished my EP in January. We were supposed to fly out of LA on Jan 29th, but we had standby tickets (I’m a bargain shopper), and the flight was overbooked. It turns out you should never fly standby to Australia during their summer season. We ended up staying in LA for 7 days until we finally got on a flight. The benches in the terminal are way more comfortable than they look.

SS: What do you like most about being an artist? What sucks about it?

JB: I like being able to express myself through my own creativity. With music, you can create something from nothing, and I think that is pretty cool. The only thing that sucks is that I’m not exactly blowing my nose with Benjamin’s… yet.

SS: Your sound has really evolved over the past few years. What artists and experiences do you feel most influence you?

JB: Anyone that has the guts to create something and share it with the world inspires and influences me. Its sounds cheesy but it’s true. If you were to steal my iPod right now and just press play, you would hear anything from Dave Barnes, Jay-Z, The Beach Boys, Ryan Adams (not to be confused with Bryan Adams), or anything produced by Timbaland. As for my sound evolving, I think that working a 9-5 had a lot to do with it. I started to write about wanting to get away and do something different with my life, which ultimately lead me to quit my job and move to Australia. Since I have always liked singer/songwriters, I started to take my life experiences and put them to some laid back music, and VIOLA! Little pieces of musical confetti for your listening pleasure.

SS: Any crazy Australia stories yet? Any kangaroo encounters or Steve Irwin look-a-likes?

JB: I have not seen any kangaroos yet. I live in Sydney right now, so I would have to go outside of the city more to see them in the wild. I have seen the biggest bats on the planet though. I feel like these things could pick me up and take me away if they wanted too, but I guess since I am already a vampire they just leave me alone.

SS: If you could have one artist who followed you around wherever you went (work, home, rester aunts, bathroom, etc.) and played the theme music to your life who would it be?

JB: Timbaland hands down. The dude is a freak.

SS: So what’s next on the JB Barnett agenda? Have you thought about getting some guys together and calling it “Barnett and Band”? It’s got a nice ring to it…

JB: I am trying to get gigs, play as much as I can, and sell some cd’s so I can eat. I plan on traveling in Australia and hopefully learn how to surf. As far as a band goes, there is a band on my EP, but I played all of the instruments. I am waiting until we start cloning humans to really start my “band”. Just think if there was four of me… WOW. That would be the sexiest band EVER!

SS: Man that would either be the sexiest or scariest thing ever, I’m not sure which. Thanks for your time JB, keep the good stuff coming.

If you like what you hear there’s more at myspace.com/jbbarnettmusic
- SoundSuck


Anything But Plan B - 2010
1. Gypsy Lady
2. Change
3. Mr. Jung
4. Domino
5. Peter Pan
6. The Getaway
7. No Regrets
8. Midnight Ride
9. Secret
10. Say the Words
11. Floating
12. Lightning
13. Home
14. St. Peter

The Getaway EP - 2008
1. The Getaway
2. What?!
3. Follow Me
4. Not About a Girl
5. Floating
6. City Lights



JB Barnett is a singer/songwriter from Houston, TX. Often compared to the likes of Jack Johnson and John Mayer, JB Barnett creates music to inspire, motivate, and tap deep into the hearts of his audience. Growing up in a musical family, he knows and appreciates the gift of music and he finds inspiration through his own life experiences.

Fascinated with the idea that he could create something out of nothing and connect with others in such a genuine way, he decided to study recording arts at Full Sail in Orlando, FL. This eventually equipped him with the technical knowledge to produce, record, mix, and master his own albums. He is the sole performer on his debut, “The Getaway EP”, singing and playing all of the instrumentals.

At 15, JB started teaching himself how to play the guitar, then the bass, then the drums, and after a couple of years he focused on his voice. His musical style can be heard through his amazingly catchy songs with an underlying story, theme or message. Believing he was supposed to live the cookie cutter lifestyle, he got a 9 to 5 job after college, but it didn’t take him long to figure out that he was not cut out for the corporate world. It was clear to him that he had no option but to pursue his passion. Longing for a change of scenery, he decided to move to Australia where he would truly have to step out of his comfort zone and test his limits, which is reflected in the song “The Getaway”.

At this point, he has realized that a lot can happen in a year. By truly putting himself out there he not only has met people from different walks of life, but he has grown to appreciate that we are only a product of our own life experiences as is evident in his song “What?” He strongly believes in each individual’s freedom to think for themselves and their ability to accomplish all dreams. His humor and strong wit along with these ideals are combined with a compellingly groovy tune on the track “Follow Me”. His soulful melodies and inspiring lyrics unveil a truth that connects the artist with the listeners. Having sold over a thousand albums, the songs off of “The Getaway EP” have been well received by his fans.

His latest Album, "Anything But Plan B" was released June 2010. It is comprised of 14 songs that are all inspired by his travels and his life experiences through this time. A remarkable album that will want to make the listener dance with "Gypsy Lady", cry with "Peter Pan", and sing along (all songs).

Now back in his hometown of Houston, Texas, JB Barnett is currently in the studio working on his third album. Playing over 20 shows per month, he is thankful for the overwhelming demand and support that he has received from his fan base.