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J.B.Blue's music is full of bangin beats, deep artistic rhymes and sweet solid vocals. They are a combination of hip-hop, soul, classical, rock, and R&B backed up with the message of truth. Their stand-up performances are entertaining, energetic and full of life, leaving you wanting more.


J.B.Blue is a Christian Hip-hop/R&B group comprised of Jennifer Bahou Peterson, Jason Bahou, and Jacqueline Bahou. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, their music is a reflection of their eclectic background. They have taken their life experiences, love of music and desire to worship and glorify God and have created their own unique sound. Packed with hard-hitting beats and captivating lyrics, J.B.Blue is on a mission to impact today’s generation.

They have performed locally and abroad. Recently they were named the fan favorite in a music contest on the Ronn Owens show on KGO Newstalk 810AM, they are also in circulation on KLAV 1230AM in Las Vegas, Nevada and were just named KLAV's Most Inspirational Artist of 2008. In January 2009 they were chosen as one of the artists to perform at the Holy Hiphop Awards show in Atlanta Georgia. Not only do they minister through hiphop but also through worship, they are currently part-time worship leaders at Church On The Hill Vallejo, CA and Voice of Pentecost San Francisco, CA. They have traveled all over California, Las Vegas, Atlanta-Georgia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Their goal is for the world to hear and see Jesus through their music and leave them with an increased desire to want to know their maker, Jesus Christ.


Soul Revolution

Written By: J.B.BLUE

Soul Revolution written by Jennifer Bahou Peterson, Jason Bahou, & Jacqueline Bahou

I feel the ground shakin underneath my feet/ people marchin only to God’s beat. (repeat)

It’s a soul revolution baby, so let the savin begin/ Feel the power of His spirit and soak it all in/ It’s a new generation rising up/ victorious mighty warriors so that’s wassup/ We’re takin this game by force/ anointed by Christ of course/ Tap into this strength/ my life source/ Jehovah Jireh, God is my provider/ got the devil in a choke hold, ultimate fighter/ So all God’s people, get ready for our season is here/ Prepare the harvest and clear your minds to hear/ God’s instructing you to be fishers of men/ Do you remember when/ when God came to this earth to save all men/ So step up to the plate and get your game face on/ save the spiritually weak and make em strong/ The revolution’s starting, so let’s get it on/ The revolution’s starting, so let’s get it on.

Don’t miss out on it
Join the uprising
And God’s people say, “Hey, hey!” (repeat)

It’s a soul Revolution
It’s a radical movement
Join the movement
And move men! (repeat)

There’s an uproar comin from the sanctuary/ And the devil’s plans cannot withstand it’s fury/ We’re gettin ready with our game faces, invading the enemy’s camp/ Shinin light onto the dark places, we do it cuz we know we can/ You’re a chosen generation/ designed to shake the nations/ So take up your cross and go/ lift your voices up unto the Lord.

All my soldiers where are you/ Can you help me get this started/ People are hurtin/ come’on let’s get united/ We have the power to move/ prayed up and ready to press on/ You have been anointed to say, “Devil, so long!”/ Dressed up with the armor of God/ fitted to the nines/ standin firm with His word in our hearts/ hear our battle cry! Oh yeah!


J.B.BLUE "As Time Goes By"(2004) - 14 track album
J.B.BLUE EP(2006) - 5 tracks
J.B.BLUE "A Soul Revolution"(2007) - 14 track album, tracks "Don't Be So Serious", and "Firestrong" have been in rotation on KLAV radio station in Las Vegas since April 08.
J.B.BLUE "Breathe" (2008)- 2 tracks

Set List

Typical set is between 30- 60 minutes. We do about 5 - 10 songs ending with an altar call and prayer. Very flexible.