JB Brooks

JB Brooks

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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The first time

Written By: JB Brooks

that night the candle light reflected off your baby blues
you lay down on the couch and wiggled out your cowgirl boots
put the needle to the grove and said
I want you to hold me

Pre chorus
yeah yeah I will


baby can you feel this
this moment we are breathless
this is the first time
the first time we made love

that night your eyes twinkled like the northern star
i found the place for me where ever you are
you whispered slow into my ear said
i want you to touch me


you wont find our kind of love in the dictionary
like romeo and juliet baby lets get married

1rst time

Written By: JB Brooks

You lay down on your bed and wiggle out your peep-toe pumps
I trace the goosebumps rising off your snow white back
you pull the covers up over our heads and say
I need you inside me

and yes yes I will

baby can you feel this supernatural
moment it’s surreal you know it is
first time in our life
the first time we made love

tonight your blue eyes twinkle twinkle little stars
i found the place for me where ever you are in a
supernova burning gray you say
come on inside me

I know it’s your first time girl and its kinda scary
let me help you
this teenage romance is meant to be baby lets get married

yes yes we will