Austin, Texas, USA

Influenced by: Gerry Rafferty "Can I have My Money Back", Rodriguez, Graham Nash "Songs For Beginners", Harry Nilsson, Townes Van Zandt, Bill Dolan, The Kinks, Richard Pryor, more.


The group JBe has been writing and performing since 2006 in select venues in the Austin area and other small Texas Cities. The writing is intricate, detailed and the group is selective about their recorded material. All members have performed in previous successful austin bands including "Quien es, BOOM!", "Those Peabodys" among others.


Cats Caught A Frozen Tongue

Written By: Jason Butler

Your constant fetter, leads to the old
Books bound by knowledge, well let truth be told
Ice holds us hostage, cats tongue caught cold
Fake frost fools follow, two eyes can see

Fists fly forward, each own their reasons
Best left unlearn-ed, cats tongue froze
Dressed in feathers, warmed by ones wisdom
Short Incisions, your feelings flow

And we lie, oh and we lye
Down in the gallows, tucked in sheep clothes


Written By: Jason Butler

Underneath the fog, we pray for low tides
Haven't any thoughts, to light up the sky with
Cattle ween their young, babies grow to be old
This light never shown, always want to born

Weight, feel my holes with plaster
Weight, forge ahead with laughter

The cold wind sea folds, home is in the distance
Fire burns when blown, to light up the night with
Cattle ween their young, babies grow to be old
This light never shown, always want to be born

Cows dont fiddle well
The moonlight, takes aim at me
The dish ran, with the spoon

Hey diddle diddle, Hey diddle diddle


SGL017 Bill Dolan / JBe limited split 7inch
Bill is most known for his Sub Pop records groups 5ive Style, Heroic Doses & Das Boton. On this record he offers 2 exclusive acoustic tracks. Austin’s JBe makes there debut with 2 tracks that bring to mind Graham Nash’s “Songs For Beginners”. Soft voice, modest horn section and rata-tat-tat.

SGL018 D-W/L-SS / JBe limited split 7inch
d-w/l-ss features members of Disappears, WhiteLight and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth! They offer a very exclusive improvised track that brings to mind Velvet Underground. JBe offers the song "Weight" bringing to mind Van Morrison or Graham Nash.