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"Make Lemonade" is a hit single and theme that can descibe J Beck's music and performances. After the phrase "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade", J Beck performs with his band, the 80's Babies, to give an upbeat, positive vibe that blends hip-hop and indie rock music.


A new era in education has begun and going “back-to-school” has never been so electrifying now that J Beck is in front of class. As a teacher on the Southside of Chicago, J Beck is known to his students as Mr. Becker. The emcee has blended his professions to create music that is changing the face of hip hop and education. He uses his talent in writing and hip hop recording to improve student reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Mr. Becker applies his experiences from teaching in the low-income neighborhood to produce music from a fresh new perspective.
“I have seen first-hand how influential hip hop is to teens, whether good or bad. Whether I am teaching or creating music, I believe I have a responsibility to craft a foundation for positive change,” says J Beck. His persona has drawn the attention of many. J Beck has consistently been offered gigs and performs around Chicago because of his dedicated fans, his stage presence, and his highly acclaimed music. Amy Cordy, Booking Representative for Afton, says, “I can always count on him to bring a crowd and put on an amazing show. His consistency and hard work should be an example for all other local acts working to get their name out in a ridiculously competitive music culture.”
J Beck’s music compliments his unique perspective. Most of his tracks use live instrumentation, blending the genres of hip hop, pop, and rock. J Beck collaborates with artists from many different genres, further merging styles into a flavorsome, harmonious recipe.
Currently, J Beck is in the process of finishing and promoting his highly anticipated singles “Bachelor with my Bachelors”, “Make Lemonade”, and “Fall in Line”. This release may be the only time we will see teenagers and adults energized and eager for the school bell to ring.


Class is in Session EP - 2010
Just Me LP - 2008

Set List

Set length between 20-40 min.

Songs: My Number 2, Make Lemonade, Hey Song (remix/cover), 80s Baby, No Name #7, Fall in Line, Keep Moving, and more...