J~Blood Supreme

J~Blood Supreme

 Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Out of Dallas, Texas and slowly on the rise J~Blood Supreme is the next female emcee to top the charts. With her explosive flows and direct lyrical aim she remains determined with complete confidence. Focused and driven, you can look forward to seeing J~Blood Supreme on stage, front and center.


A different school every year, 4 states, and 5 cities before the age of 11 is a how Supreme briefly describes her youth. Drugs, abuse, extreme nightmares, anger issues, and no father figure are deep emotional issues that she dealt with in her early years. She started writing lyrics in the 5th grade and started rapping her poetry in the 10th grade at the lunch table while 2 of her friends banged their utensils as drum sticks. In 2000-2001 her and two guys by the name of Bitty and Casper formed a group named Smooth Element, at the time her stage name was 12 Gauge .

In 2003 she became more driven and determined to prove to herself that the sky is the limit. Shortly changing her name to SinCere defining it to mean serious. Over the last few years in her efforts to advance, Supreme has made many sacrifices to get her to where she is today.

In 2008 her mixtape titled ‘Unleashed & Underestimated received attention in places she never imagined such as Tennessee and Chicago, also given her the opportunity to be an opening act for a well known Texas-based independent record label.

Supreme is now in the studio working on her next project. With her explosive deliverance, thought provoking lyrics, confidence, courageous personality, and seasoned flow, she will soon see all that she has envisioned and more. I'm excited about her endeavors and about what is about to take place in her life, it's been a long time since an emcee like her has surfaced.


Unleashed & Underestimated

1. Cut Em Off
2. Weekend
3. Hustle 2 Survive
4. Hip-Hop 1 (interlude)
5. Living Testimony
6. Let Me At Em’
7. Roll Wide
8. Hip-Hop 2 (interlude)
9. Texas Rip
10. U Don’t Know Me
11. Grip Grown