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This band has not uploaded any videos



"J Flow"

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At the moment there are numerous songs that have underground air play. Including "Play my Sound"/ "Flag in the Air"-was placed on a complation cd in Austrial/ Hands in the Air J flow ft. Freeway and Young Chris/ Call Me/ and Hustler/Spotlight on philly 100.3 the beat....Nouveau Riche 7-7-07



Twenty-six years ago under the sign of Taurus, in the backwoods of Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, there flowed from Ms. B a very special baby boy. "J", as his grandmother called him, grew up surrounded by love and music. He learned to sing and found a place in the church choir. When he got older he moved to Reading, PA where he honed his skills as a hip-hop artist. He took the stage name of J Bone Flowleon, a.k.a. J-Flow, and survived through the sale of mix tapes.

Two years ago, a mother and her daughters were ending an 11 year career in concert promotions, mostly reggae artists. Upon venturing into the realm of hip-hop, they discovered a world of hostility, danger and hate and were vulnerable to the hustle. They lost a small fortune but never gave up on the music. They had a dream that one day they'd meet an artist that had a special knowledge of music and the ability to blend all styles; rap, reggae, soul, blues, jazz, & rock. That's when they met "Flow".

J-Flow moved them so, they felt they were meant to follow the same dream. The Turtle represents their desire and their courage to move through this venture by building a foundation. "Slow & Steady wins the race".

As time progressed, they became a family and nurtured the incredible ability and talent that "Flow" possesses. His lyrical ability and metaphorical "magic" as well as his inclusion of many different musical styles helps creates music that everyone can love. The difference between "Flow" and other rappers can be found in his values. He learned to flip the script and sing positive lyrics, thus sending the message to kids and adults to follow their dreams, have patience and love your family first and foremost.

Presently, Flow is working on several projects, but he has one project that will never end - giving back to the city of Reading through The J-Flow Community Center. This family has suffered through numerous disappointments and has escaped the grasp of many hustlers but they have faith in GOD to guide them through the storms and keep tight.

Flow is an amazing man that will capture your heart, mind and soul through his music, his comedy and his dedication to his family. When the right door opens, he will bless all that walk with him.