I create dynamic, danceable electronic music live, on the spot, with throbbing bass and memorable hooks, to keep you dancing all night! Sometimes I bring in other performers to jam along.


Heavily influenced by 80's British Electronic and New Wave music, classic rock and disco from the 70s, my music is a tasty synthesis of sound that cooks down into a delicious and satisfying musical delight.

Unlike many, if not most electronic music acts, my music and the sound I use are created live and created by me. using an array of instruments designed for live electronic composition and improvisation.

Some musical parts are however pre-programmed before hand, but are used in new and unique ways in each performance.


I have over 87 tracks of music on Soundcloud created from back in the "mp3.com" days of the late 90s to the present, crossing the genres of Jazz, Rock, Funk, and Psychedelic Trance.