JB Real

JB Real

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Take a humble yet in-your-face style and add with it the perfect mix of music and ministry and you get JB Real. Fans of real Christian music can enjoy his music as it bangs in your ear and speaks to your heart all at the same time.


Born December 17th, 1983 through a musician father and an evangelist mother, learning how to walk with God and a developing a passion for music was instilled in him from a very early age. Rafael began ministering to youth groups and churches at the age of 13. He then would try his hand at doing his own music at a youth conference in 2002. Since then, he has grown, matured, and developed into the man you'll hear today.

"I dont have a 'super testimony', nor do I claim to be the 'next best thing to hit the rap/music scene' Rafael says. "One thing I WILL say is that I love Christ and I love being a part of His Kingdom". With that said, we pray you enjoy what you experience from JB Real. So if you enjoy Christ centered, spirit-filled music; then lets praise the Lord together!!


XNTY (2006)
The Standard Vol. 1 (2008)
The Legacy (2008)

Set List

My typical set lists vary depending on the venue and the specifications of that venue (such as age group, time frame, etc) I do not do covers.