Gideon Brown

Gideon Brown


"Jason Brown is an amazing singer/songwriter. Words can not describe". Take a listen.


Jason Brown:
At an early age Jason's interest in music became apparent as he dabbled with playing an wurlitzer upright piano his grandfather gave the family. At age seven, he began taking piano lessons from an instructor. She was so impressed with his songwriting skills that she requested he play his own composition, "Homework Blues," for an annual community recital when he was only nine. As his talent grew, so did his sphere of influence. When he was fifteen Jason joined up with the band End of Silence, as their keyboardist. End of Silence played lots of various events and went on to perform at "The Call", a Christian gathering in Boston, MA for an audience of over 50,000 people. Since the band members went their separate ways in 2003, Jason has been composing and writing his own material. Jason is currently in the studio recording his first full length album.

Mark Davenport: (Drummer)
For the past three years he has been studying drums at one of Europe's top music schools (Brighton Institute of Modern Music, BIMM (
During this time he gained a degree in drumming. He's been taught by a number of brilliant drummers, in particular Adam Bushell (Sheryl Crow, Faithless), Terl Bryant (John Paul Jones, Matt Redman) and Colin Woolway (Suzi Quattro).
Mark has gigged extensively with the Alter Eagles (British Eagles tribute band and the Ziz Horns Big Band. He has also played at many different functions and done studio sessions for local bands/artists. While in Brighton he often served his church (Church of Christ the King, by playing during the Sunday meetings and at other church events. CCK is one of the most influential churches in the UK, being the founder of Newfrontiers, a global family of churches.
He is an experienced drum tutor. While in the UK Mark spent a lot of time teaching others. Before coming out to NH he was teaching 30+ students regularly and had hosted a number of live performance workshops at a local high school. He is a member of the UK-based Drumsense teaching network -
Performance highlights: Jason Knight – Reef. Damian Keyes – Alanis Morissette, Eric Clapton . David Fellingham – The Alethian Orchestra. Alan Rose – Stuart Townend, Paul Oakley. Mark Edwards – Carleen Anderson.


Let There Be Love

Written By: Jason Brown

Let there be Love
As deep as the ocean
As high as the mountain
As far as the eye can see
And dream of life that’s worth living
Mothers and daughters fathers and sons
Baby I just don’t know
If we can pray our way out this time
Let there be love
Let there be love let there be love
And let there be peace
For each generation
There’s too many dying
And far too much to lose
And weep for time that was stolen
Born to the father and lost to the sword
Baby I just don’t know if we can pray our way out this time
Let there be love


Written By: Jason Brown

And even if your heart was right
I wouldn’t want another lie to come my way
Take another look outside
It takes a little more than you to get me bye
And judging by the time gone by
I wouldn’t need an infrared to see you cry
Baby it’s the only way to wake up
‘Cause I’m all done
With who was right and who was wrong
And I don’t need the last word
And even if you say goodbye
It takes a little more than you to get me high
And judging by the time gone by
I wouldn’t need a telescope to see you cry
Baby have you lost you mind
Someone’s got to give in one more time
Maybe it’s the only way to rise up
And its alright you know its time to let it die
Cuz I don’t need the lat word
Baby you and me got to get ourselves back to the start (2x)

The Other Side of Love

Written By: Jason Brown

Take a look at my life
I’m on the outside
And maybe I was fool
And I was a liar
I saw the world dissolve
I saw the curtain fall
I saw a dead man son
Behind the eye of a gun
And ill see you babe
On the other side of love
Take a look at the soul
Is it ever worth taking
Honey you should know
That no man is divine
I saw the iron sink
I saw the world on the brink
Beneath and indigo sky
I saw the thousands die
And Ill see you babe
On the other side Of love
The other side of love
Take a look at the times
Were we ever children
And who are we to blame
If nobody’s wrong
I saw the open door
I looked and you were gone
And in the blink of an eye
I saw the time expire
and Ill see you babe
on the other side of love

Every Man's a Liar

Written By: Jason Brown

Every mans a liar
Every mans a crook
And if you don’t believe me
Take a deeper look
He won’t wear your crown of thorns
Let it go babe let it go let it go
Ill stay here by your side girl
The sun is melting fast
There’s nothing left to say
if you’ve got nothing left to ask
Now’s the time to kill the past
Let it go babe Let it go Let it go
Hey now
Darling wait for the morning
Cuz before the time comes
We’ll be long gone
Take just what you need babe
Take it from the soul
There’s nothing worth revealing
That time will not unfold
Child your light is purely gold
Let it go babe let it go let it go
(1st verse repeated)

What Have We Done

Written By: Jason Brown

A few second of pleasure
A lifetime of pain
That’s what we do to ourselves
time and time again
A few seconds to hit me
Another reason to cry
But it’s a crazy old world
And even crazier times
Drop down and give me everything you own
Ill take it for myself
And turn it into a throne
What have we done
Where do we run now
Where do we run
And when will we learn
When will we turn now
When will we turn
I see the preacher crying
He’s got a flaming tongue
But it’s the same old words
And all we need is love
I see dead men walking
I see the children too
There filling up the streets and all they need is you
Didn’t nobody tell you didn’t nobody say
Don’t wait to get right until your dying day
I see machinery crashing
I hear the body’s wail
The minute somebody dies
We turn it into a sale
I got nothing to sell you
I got nothing to lose
And yeah I got to admit
I’m still a little confused

Repeat 3x
Hey now get up off your face now
Try to embrace the grace no try to embrace the love.

You And I

Written By: Jason Brown

I was young when I met you
But you were only passing through
Like a bird that never flew
You and I
Many years have seen our eyes
They were shifting like the tides
For a wind that never blew
You and I

Where did the time go oh my love
Do you remember how it was
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
for you and I
Through the hour of the night
Girl you know it felts so fine
But I lost it all to time
You and I
From the moment I was born
Through the fire and the storm
Till the day I saw your eyes
You and I


Jason is currently recording his first full length album.

Set List

The Curse
The Cure
Let There Be Love
The Other Side of Love
Every Man's a Liar
What Have We Done
You and I