The sound of Jeremiah Vancans is called "Urban Country" it's like Hawaii and New York City in a blender.


Sounds like G. Love, Beck, Flaming Lips, Wilco, Elliott Smith and Jack Johnson in a blender. Jeremiah Vancans combines aspects of rock/soul/electronica and country to create a completely unique sound on its own. Testing dynamics, soulful vocals, screaming guitars, and blending genres. Big beats, pedal steele, synths, horn sections, a complete mix of styles and sound


*"My City's Large"-Jeremiah Vancans - out in 2006 -www.jbvproductions.com
*"Can't Wait" - Mira - electro/soul - www.miramusiconline.com - produced by Jeremiah Vancans-reviewed in Feb 06 issue of VIBE
*Movie Score for "Sexual Dependency"-Jeremiah Vancans composed and produced this score. This feature indie won the Critics Prize Award at Locarno, Switzerland in 2003. This movie has international distribution.
"Silver Lash Lounge" - buttah -produced by Jeremiah Vancans

Set List

Hipster, West Bound, Ragin', My City's Large, Gold is Gone, Gimme a Little Bit More, Birth of My Blues, Cause Life Is Short, Go To Sleep, Quick Swoop, Perfect Country, Forever Be, Where's My Train?, Grace, River Park Dance, H is for Loving, Flight, Starve Your Negative...