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How Do You Say Goodbye?

Written By: J.B. Williams

We lay in silence…together side by side
You’re in your own world and I’m here lost in mine
Knowing it’s over…nothing left but our pride
Where did our love go…how could we let love die?

*How do you say goodbye? How do you say it’s over?
When tears have dried…when you’re no longer lovers
It hurts too much for us to stay together
How do you say goodbye, to your first love forever?

When we make love…we just go through the motion
Not feeling love...there just is no emotion
Why do we stay? I still cannot imagine
Knowing it’s over…we’ve lost all of our passion.

Maybe tomorrow…when sunlight warms the sky
We’ll find the courage, to kiss and say goodbye
We’ll always care, no need to wonder why
Just can’t continue, to live this painful lie.