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JC Triple Threat

Mesa, AZ | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Mesa, AZ | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop Hip Hop




"JC aka Triple Threat, Behind the Scenes Interview with The Artist"

I would like to introduce you to an East Valley young man that comes to us on a blossoming music career. He goes by the name JC also to be known as JC aka Triple Threat.

He brings an urban pop vibe infused with his personality of voice acting showing just how skilled this young man is. A classic sound intermixed with today's pop culture lends to his unique sound.

Since the release of his latest singles "Light Switch", "Don't Stop" and "I Know", JC's recognition has reached international airspace. How wonderful it is to see one of our very own Phoenix-based rising star realize their dreams. - Film and Fashion Futures

"JC aka Triple Threat - "Light Switch""

Balancing rapping, singing and acting Arizona based artist JC The Triple Threat has earned his name. This former football player that found a dedication to the arts after a career ending injury is making huge strides already in 2017. Working with Grammy nominated producer Young Yonni and Big Duke, this energetic entertainer is kicking 2017 off with his new mischievous single "Light Switch." The track is about how JC The Triple Threat has a hater's girl on like a "Light Switch" as JC speaks to her man on the first verse and the girl on the second verse.

“Light Switch” is one of 3 singles that I’m releasing within the next few weeks. It will be the first single dropping Monday, January 9, 2017. I’m thinking about naming my new project “The Crossover.” The term crossover is a representation of transitioning from the young JC to a more experienced me and the infusion of multiple genres in my music to create sound," JC The Triple Threat said. Combined with a breakdown where JC The Triple Threat showcases his singing ability, JC The Triple Threat rides out this track with intensity and energy that you expect from a former football player. - This is 50

"JC The Triple Threat @JC_TripleThreat Releases Dont Stop"

Arizona artist JC The Triple Threat returns with Don't Stop,produced by LnD, This is the second release from the upcoming project titled "The Crossover". Creating a blend of R&B, Rap,and Urban Pop music the project is set to show everyone why they call him "Triple Threat". Influenced by created forces like Link n Park, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Tupac, U2, Earth wind and Fire this project is a must have. Getting prepared for SXSW Nerve Djs Event in Austin, Texas and a listening party in his hometown of Phoenix,AZ JC is preparing for the video of "Don't Stop' and says "I'm excited to be working with John Diaz on the video for "Don't Stop" this week.  We will have my great performance dancers along with "Phenomenal Stars", youth dance group. So keep an eye out. It'll be coming your way soon."   - This is 50

"JC The Triple Threat Got Your Girl On Like A “Light Switch”"

Combined with a breakdown where JC The Triple Threat showcases his singing ability, JC The Triple Threat rides out this track with intensity and energy that you expect from a former football player.
“I’m adding new sounds vocally to my music and incorporating my skills as a voice actor to create unique harmonies. Music wise…I’m working with Grammy nominated, multi-platinum producers who have an urban pop flavor to their beats,” JC The Triple Threat explained. - 1stDayFresh.com

"Musicians Focusing on Positivity: JC aka Triple Threat"

Many artist know from a young age that they want to go into the music industry. What happens when the music starts off as a hobby though? JC also known as Triple Threat has an inspiring story which led him to a music career. An NFL hopeful turned singer/rapper, JC took what could have been a very discouraging event and turned it into a positive.

Born in Ohio, and raised in in Arizona JC is making some major waves with his music. Growing up he was a star football player with dreams of going to the NFL. A career ending injury is what led JC to music. While writing songs to reflect and cope with his injury, JC soon learned that he loved music and how therapeutic it could be.

I think we all know that becoming a music sensation doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right team and support, anything is possible. With Big Heff as a mentor, an amazing manager with Triple Threat Productions, and a family backing him up, JC decided to take his 2010 music hobby and run with it. Skip ahead about six years and hello music career.

When asked what artist influence his style, JC stated that “It’s Linkin Park, they infuse rock and rap and more recently infuse electronic music.”

He grew up in a household where different genres of music were appreciated and inspirational. Some days they were listening to U2 and other days Beethoven.

Whether it’s pop, rap, or rock JC covers it all in a way we can relate to. What really makes JC stand out from the crowd is his energy and positive messages. If you really listen to his lyrics, there are many lines that if repeated are fantastic positive affirmations.

JC said that “if you sing my lyrics, you’re empowered. Words have power and if you say I’m the best over and over, now your day is better because you have that in your head.” He is an artist that never wants to degrade anyone and only wants to spread positivity.

Who wouldn’t want to listen to music like that, right? His latest song “Dip It” is filled with a ton of positive messages. A powerful quote that inspires JC is “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” - Malcolm X

His music has the power to change lives and inspire people, and he hopes to do just that.

Along with his booming music career, JC is an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns. He is teaming up with Little Divas for a walk against bullying, a cause that hits home for him. He hopes that he will be able to work with organizations to bring awareness to bullying and positive ways to cope.

He believes that “kids need to know they don’t deserve to be bullied. A school is a place to go and learn and to be safe, not a place they should be scared.”

If you’re in the AZ area you can find him at the Walk Against Bullying Walk on April 29th with Little Divas. You can also find JC in Toronto on May 6th.

A video release party in May for his latest single “I Know” will be a hit. Working with Producer Big Duke, a big name in the music industry who has worked with artist such as Justin Beiber.

He is also working with Yung Yonni on an exciting new project. Yung Yonni is someone who has collaborated with acts such as Missy Elliot, Fergie, and Keyshia Cole.

Within the next few years, JC hopes to have music spread all over the country. He hopes to get into so acting, voice-over work, and possibly learning to play a few instruments.

No matter what his future holds, I think we can all see that JC is definitely on his way to being a well-known music star.

Follow his journey and keep up with him on social media. You should probably join the #dipitchallenge while you’re at it. - Huffington Post - Jalysa King

"JC Triple Threat Finds Life After Death by Releasing New Song to Kickoff Comeback"

“JC Triple Threat Finds Life After Death by Releasing a New Song to Kick Off a Career Comeback”

February 8, 2020 (Mesa, AZ) – Arizona Pop Artist, JC Triple Threat has officially announced his comeback to the music industry after losing his father, John Nephew, September 25, 2018 to stage IV kidney cancer on February 1, 2020 during an interview with TJ Supra’s “Rock the Mic Show.”

JC Triple Threat talked about the difficult road he had to travel just to get back to what he loves, music. With uplifted spirits, he discussed how his father taught him the fundamentals of rhyme and by his parents exposing him to a wide variety of musical genres shaped JC Triple Threat into the artist he is today. He reminisced about the days his father wrote lyrics with him, gave unwavering support and career advice that will never be forgotten. He spoke fondly of his father revealing some funny stories, admiration for his father’s artistic talents and his love for all music. It’s evident that the love JC Triple Threat has for his father is deeply ingrained within him and will continue to be a defining aspect of JC as a man, an artist and a pioneer in the music industry.

To kick off his career, JC Triple Threat decided to release “Sci-Fi Chick” the last song he and his father wrote together along with the cover art his father and personal photographer, Holly Fain created. The song will be released on this Friday, February 7th across all music platforms. Fans will get to hear JC’s ever expanding vocal talents they haven’t heard before in his previous releases.

“Sci-Fi Chick” will be the first song JC sings all the way through. That’s right fans, no rapping on this record. Fans will be taken on a galactic ride across sweet sultry low and high notes taking the JC Triple Threat Experience for Fans to a whole other level. This smooth R&B record produced by multi-Grammy nominated, Big Duke, will take you back to late 90’s giving you a nostalgic vibe with a modern twist. JC Triple Threat’s vocal stylings will remind you of Maxwell from back-in-the-day and the lyric’s Sci-Fi references will hit home with all the sexy nerds out there looking to connect with that special girl.

Stay tuned. JC Triple Threat will be dropping the “Sci-Fi Chick” music video in a couple of weeks. Special thanks to Sponsor, Imre Csaszar and Shoe Sponsor Respect Shoes by TJ Marsh at www.aliveshoes.com for their contributions to the video.

For more details about JC Triple Threat’s music, interviews, appearances, music videos and performances visit www.jcakatriplethreat.

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  1. False Idols (2019)
  2. Black Mirror (2019)
  3. Sci-Fi Chick (2017)
  4. Dip It (2017)
  5. I Wanna Go (2017)
  6. I Know (2017)
  7. Don't Stop (2017)
  8. Rep This City (2016)
  9. Way Too Slow (2016)
  10. Run It Back (2016)
  11. Things That You Do (2016)
  12. Light Switch (2016)
  13. One One (2014)
  14. July (2013)
  15. D.S.C. (2012)



JC Triple Threat is a 23 year old Urban Pop Artist from Arizona that combines rapping, singing and acting into every song and performance.  JC has earned the name Triple Threat. This former football player that found a dedication to the arts after a career ending injury is taking the music industry by storm. Working with Grammy nominated multi-platinum producers Young Yonni and Big Duke, this energetic entertainer will be releasing songs from his newest project, “The Crossover” soon to be available in all digital outlets and physical stores. 

This collection of sound and words is filled with artistic nuances of storytelling that embraces the beauty of musical expression in multiple genres.  Each song will literally give the listener a unique experience. JC Triple Threat rides out each track with intensity and energy that you would expect from a former football player to use. His passion for music is truly a vehicle to share positive messages uplifting those around him to create a smooth vibe that everyone can groove to.

When listening to his songs, you will notice that his music is infused with R&B, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Reggae and Latin influences. Don't be surprised if you hear a little classical too! JC Triple Threat is breaking down the Genre barriers to bring you his own unique interpretation of music. He refuses to be bound by limits so that he can be open to reach ultimate music creativity. JC Triple Threat's upbringing sets the stage for his love of all music. On any given day, you could hear Gospel to R&B to Heavy Metal music coming from his childhood home. He relishes in the artistic nuisances of storytelling and embraces the beauty in all forms of music and musical expression.

​“Giving Back” is extremely important to JC Triple Threat. He believes in the concept of "Paying it Forward." He does this by giving back to the youth of Greater Phoenix area by promoting Education, Fitness and the Arts. JC Triple Threat uses his passion for music as a vehicle to share positive messages, uplift those around him and create a smooth vibe that everyone can groove to.

​The future for JC Triple Threat looks brighter and brighter. He's consistently writing music, working in the studio and collaborating with Producers to release his debut album. Keep an eye out, because this up-and-coming Artist will be hitting a stage near you soon!

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