One judge at the Ozark Blues Society's 2004 Blues Challenge said it best: "(their sound) is reminiscent of two guys playing on a street corner for tips, doing their "thang" and making damn good music!"


JC/BC is guitarist Jeff (Fej) Cumpston and harp player Bob Coleman. Bob and Fej began playing together five years ago as the founding members of the band which eventually became Leah & The Mojo Doctors--a rockin' Blues band. JC/BC duo was formed in 2003 for the Blues Challenge in Fayetteville, Ark. They represented the Ozark Blues Society at the 2004 IBC.
Their conversational style and rhythmic tightness comes from the relationship developed while jamming, rehearsing, gigging and recording with the Mojo Doctor and more recent projects.
The original material on their current set list is written by Fej and arrangements are worked out together. Though his song writing ranges from Pop and Rock to R&B and Country, Blues has figured prominently since he began throwing chords, riffs and words together as a teenager, infected like so many of his generation by the British Invasion and Blues revival of the 60s and 70s.
This has been enhanced by Bob's influence who began playing the Blues in high school.
Influenced by James Cotton, Sonny Terry, Peter "Madcat" Ruth and Norton Buffalo, Bob's style ranges from raw blues and percussive rhythms to sweet melodic lines.
The authenticity and energy of their performance comes from the heart. These guys love the music and it shows.


We are in the process of recording our first CD. It may be ready for the Blues challenge if all goes well.

Set List

Our set list is a combination of originals written by Fej which span the range of Blues styles, traditional Blues, Brittish arrangements of traditional Blues and pretty much whatever happens into our attention at the time. Our sets are ever evolving.