JC Carpenter Band

JC Carpenter Band


JC Carpenter Band hit the TX scene in early 2005 and has been winning over fan's since. All of the band members have unique musical backgrounds giving the band an unforgettable sound. The Bands "rootsy alt country" songs make for a powerful and exciting live show leaving fans wanting more!


Who The Hell is JC Carpenter? Just ask anybody that has seen one of their monthly shows at Bostocks in their hometown of Stephenville, TX and they will tell you exactly who JC Carpenter is! Since its conception in October of 2005, the JC Carpenter Band has been winning over fans at every gig. There are many good bands in Texas that make good music, but the JC Carpenter Band does all that but with a “Fun” (remember that word!) live show. The band members, all in their early twenties supply a party soundtrack that keeps the audience intoxicated in more than a few ways. They keep bar owner’s happy - hell with songs like “Keystone Friday Night” it is no wonder what these guys are about. The band has played at clubs such as Overtime Sports Bar, The Horseman Club, and Bostocks with acts such as Cooder Graw, The Great Divide, Rusty Weir, Daryl Dodd, and many times with The Casey Donahew Band. The band managed to accomplish all this without a press kit or demo. It just goes to show what good word of mouth can do for you. In an effort to spread their music farther across the land, the band ventured to the Panhandle House in Denton, TX to work with producer Erik Herbst (Eli Young, Kyle Bennett, Casey Donahew) to capture the bands energy onto disc. The band recorded 3 songs, two of which - “$0 and An Empty Tank” and “Keystone Friday Night” have already gained significant airplay on KCUB 98 and 108 in Stephenville. The JC Carpenter Band is no doubt an up and coming, hardworking band with solid songwriting and an energetic live show filled with originals and a healthy dose of covers ranging from Reckless Kelly to Tommy Tutone. The band brings down the house with its rendition of the 80’s classic “867-5309.”


The band released their 3 song demo in November of 2006 recorded at the Panhandle in Denton, TX. Containing "Keystone Friday Night", "Zero Dollars and an Empty Tank" and "Booze Bottle Blues" JC Carpenter Band has recieved significant airplay in Stephenville, TX.

Set List

Our set list contains orginals with a healthy dose of cover songs to keep the show fresh and exciting. Set times average for opening gig's 1 hour to 1 hour and thirty minutes. For Headlining shows set times range from 2 hours to 4 hours with breaks set accordingly.