J.C. Hyke

J.C. Hyke

 Arcadia, California, USA

J.C.'s music is new traditional country like Alan Jackson mixed with country rock like The Eagles. JC is an incredible songwriter and has a deep, rich, classic country voice.


J.C. Hyke is a singer songwriter who now lives LA, in Arcadia, CA. Before that he spent 5 years in Olympia, WA playing Casinos, clubs and Music in the Park shows with his band J.C. Hyke & the Gambling Scarecrows. Prior to that, he spent 3 years in Nashville living on Music Row honing the craft of songwriting. J.C. has a rich, traditional country voice and plays acoustic rhythm guitar. He has a fantastic repertoire of original music and a highly acclaimed debut album.
Born in Dallas, Texas, and then moving to Pasadena, CA, he spent most of his childhood taking piano lessons and playing sports. At the age of 20, he learned to play acoustic guitar, and soon after learning his first 3 chords, he wrote his first song. He has been fine tuning his craft ever since, and truly loves country music.
He moved to Nashville in September 2001, to take his career to the next level as a songwriter and as a recording artist. J.C. took classes, workshops, and studied with some of music rows best writers and producers. His style is new traditional country, in the likes of George Strait, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, and Randy Travis. He is a member of the Songwriters Guild of America, the Nashville Songwriter's Association International, and ASCAP. He performed in Nashville at the world famous Blue Bird Café, The Broken Spoke, Legends, The Hall of Fame Lounge, The Boardwalk Café, and as a featured writer, at the very first Songwriter's Guild Showcase.
JC released his debut CD Fallin' in 2003. The first single off the album was the fun, up tempo, "Texas Blood" which received radio airplay in Texas on 14 stations. The second single was the bar room sing a long "Hillbilly Plastered". This song received airplay in TN, AK, MT, IN, OK, WA, and LA.
He has a classic country voice and is making new loyal fans whenever he performs his original music.

Cell: (615) 429-3323


Texas Blood

Written By: Lyrics & Music by J. C. Hyke, Billy Holt, & Paul Martin

I was born in Dallas, but moved when I was one
Grew up playing little league, neath that California sun
Never heard the Opry, never broke a horse
But something deep inside me knew where my heart was

And it wasn’t on the streets of Hollywood
Under palm trees and city lights
But somewhere on a front porch
Picking guitar on a summer night
I was never into surfing
Or that L.A. night club scene
The more I heard that steel guitar
The more I knew where I should be
I was raised in California, but I got Texas blood in me

Lately I’ve been thinking, the south is where I ought a be
Pick up trucks and cowboys hats, and southern hospitality
They took me out of Texas, but the rebel was too strong
So I’m headed down to Dixie, back where I belong - Repeat Chorus

Real hardcore football fans, lighting bugs and catching bass
Country girls, sweet ice tea, fried greed tomatoes and black eyed peas
I’m the black sheep of my Yankee family
‘Cause I’ve got Texas blood in me

Ahh I’ve got rebel blood
Ahh I’ve got southern blood
Ahh I’ve got Texas blood

Hillbilly Plastered

Written By: Words & Music by J. C. Hyke

Well I’m telling you right now I’ll need someone else to drive
The past 2 days have been too much for me
You see the tax man said I owed, every dime I’d saved all year
And my mechanic said my engine was slippin’ every gear
The girl who got me fired called and said she’s 3 weeks late
And my roof just started leaking turned my house into a lake

So I need to get moon shined, a little desensitized
I wanna get past the point of knowing where (who2) I am
I need to get hog tied, and happily liquefied
I wanna get pickled drunk, hillbilly plastered out of my mind

I wanna take a body shot from every bar room floozy
And dance like a wild maniac tonight
I’ll take all my poor man troubles and toss them to the wind
Belly laugh to silly jokes and toast to all my friends
And when they close the bar down, I’ll invite ‘em all to my home
We’ll all go skinny dippin’ and party all night long
Repeat Chorus

In the morning I’m gonna regret
Worshipping the porcelain god
But right now I just don’t care
So pour me another cape cod

‘Cause I need to get moon shined, a little desensitized
I wanna get past the point of knowing what I am
I need to get hog tied and happily liquefied
I wanna get pickled drunk, hillbilly plastered
To forget the avalanche of disaster
Pickled drunk, hillbilly plastered out of my mind

A Better Man Than You

Written By: J.C. Hyke & Shawn Hutchings

A Better Man Than You
Jimmy sittin’ on the front porch swing
When the screen door crashes open a bottle shatters at his feet
His father slaps his face again
As the tears begin to swell Jimmy turns and says to him

You’ll regret the things you’ve done someday
I won’t let anger run my life this way
And when I have my kids I’ll let ‘em make mistakes
I’ll be a better man than you someday

Straightens his bow tie for the prom
Down stairs he hears the fighting his daddy cursing at his mom
She shivers and Jimmy holds her tight
When he stands up to his father with all the courage he can find, and says

You’ll regret the things you’ve done someday
I won’t let anger run my life this way
And when I have my wife I’ll cherish her each day
I’ll be a better man than you one day

A few years later on a cold December night
His father lying passed out on the floor
Jimmy and his mom load up the car and don’t look back
No idea where or what’s in store
They just know life has more

Jimmy throws a curveball to his son
When he sees a face from long ago walkin’ back the boy’s home run
The old man’s eyes are red with pain
Handin’ back their ball in a tremblin' voice they barely hear him say
I regret the things I’ve done each day
And how I treated you and mom that way
Son I had no right but I couldn’t find the strength
To be a better man like you are today
If you don’t mind I’d like to watch my grandson play


Debut Album - Fallin'
11 Tracks.
2 singles were released to radio, "Texas Blood" and "Hillbilly Plastered"
All tracks can be heard on iTunes or jchyke.com

Set List

Here are some of the originals that are played. Sets are 45 minutes long.

That Old Truck
Buckle Up
The Highway
Texas Blood
Fallin’ In Love
Liquored Up
Honky Tonkin’ Party Time
Now I believe
Downloaded The Blues
What Happened To Me
Hillbilly Plastered
Things That Are Blue
Chug A Lug A Lug
Follow Me
Heaven’s Playground
That Thing In The Frig
A Silhouette Of Us
I Keep On
She Still Shines
Until You Change Your Mind
Back When I Was Holding You
Up In Smoke
The Loneliest Day of the Year
Another Fool To Fall
Your Heart’s In Good Hands
1 to 2 hour gigs are done with mostly originals with a sprinkle of covers.