J Crazy/ SDC

J Crazy/ SDC

 Cocoa, Florida, USA
BandHip HopR&B

J Crazy and SDC are known for their in your face styles, with their riveting lyrics for the streets, for the mind, for the ladies and for the dance floor, you also get music filled tracks that are full of bass and lots of drums!!!!


J Crazy will be the first member of the group SDC, to drop a solo project. The first single from the "ATTACK MODE" album will be (Bounce it to the Beat). This track is meant to heat up the clubs and the radio, so we hope you like the way we do our down south groove.
Then we’re coming at the ladies for sure with our second release, (Your Lookin Good), This track’s much slower, this should show J’s versatility.
J Crazy will be showing how versatile he is on this album with songs for the clubs, songs for the streets, songs for the mind, and even some thing for the gospel in you!!!
At 6’ tall 190 lbs. J puts on a very energetic show, displaying the same fire on stage as he does in the booth!
The 27 year old from Cocoa, (The Chocolate City),Fl.. also plays some semi pro football !!
J Cray’s album “ATTACK MODE” is available through all digital outlets .
You can check out the whole SD Entertainment family on www.myspace.com/sdcfsg, there’s also an iTunes link on the myspace, and you can also get digi sales at www.famousrecordscorp.com, for booking or what ever, sdproducti@aol.com.
So let’s get ready to “Bounce it to the Beat”.
SD E, is happy to be tied in with Famous Records, If all goes well we will also be releasing music from other acts such as YD, Zerk, Strict, and Miss T.,
We’ll also be dropping J Nate’s solo project in the R & B, genre, and we have our first lady “Nina”, about to go to work on her all gospel project. You can expect to hear a lot from this young lady with her very, very passionate voice!!
We also have a 3 man boy group we’re working with, and some very talented young ladies doing some R & B. And we may even dabble in some country/pop, with Miss Lisa Heartly. And as already mentioned the young hip hopsters YD, with their R & B blend, a lot like SDC.
So get ready world, we’re coming atcha!!!!!
The group SDC, has won numerous local awards in central Florida. And while Zerk, Strict, and J Nate, are preparing solo projects, as a group they are all still poised and ready to drop an SDC project.
You can get a feel for SDC, and check out some other music pages from SDE at www.myspace.com/sdcfsg, and for booking info you can hit us at sdproducti@aol.com, for digital sales you’ll be able to get us at www.famousrecordscorp.com,
SDC has opened for such acts as TI, Rick Ross, Khia, Webbie and many, SDE showcases!!
So people get ready, because the boys are back, and ready to rock you.
Many thanks to everyone from all of us at SDE!!!


Bounce it to the Beat-(J Crazy) this dance track is the 1st release
from his "ATTACK MODE" album.
"ATTACK MODE"-(J Crazy) album available at most digi outlets
and at www.famousrecordscorp.com
Black Tee's-(SDC) this single won the T Mack, Source Award for
single of the year from the album The TakeOver
The TakeOver-(SDC) this album won many local awards such as
Florida Today's independent hip hop album of the year!!! available
at CD Baby

Set List

Give us a stage and 3-5 mikes and a crowd, we'll take it from there!! compensation is negotiable, as for guests, 3-5 stage performers, 2-4 management team, and whoever the local promoters may invite.