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“We could choose to talk about the pain, fear, depression, torment, women, drugs, cars, money, the bangin... But instead we choose to glorify the ONE who called us out of it all. The only One who could by the power of His Holy Spirit, we are here to minister the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God has brought us out of the darkness and gave us a hope that we want to share with the world. Our every intent is to bring Gods marvelous light to those that still remain in darkness. Our heart is for those that haven’t had a chance in life. The ones that are still struggling with drugs, can’t pay their bills, The ones that have lost it all, the kids the wife the house, the ones that are locked up, the ones that are still bound by the system and can’t seem to ever get ahead in life. There is hope and that hope is in Jesus Christ…”

Unified, Christian and Sanctified were all born & raised in Tucson Arizona. JCS was born & raised in Spokane WA. All four members have been through the flames from drug deal’n to gang bang’n, living in poverty and violence. Being drug addicted and beat down with no hope and no dream in life until God restored back to them a reason to live, a purpose and a calling. The Lord brought The Sons Reflection together in 2006. Since than they have dedicated there lives to the hip hop ministry. The Lord took their gangsta rap style and refined it, restored it and is now using it to reach the lost and encourage and edify believers. They bring beats and spit fire like no one else. At first glance you might not even think they were Christian but their message is the cross and the salvation through JESUS CHRIST. These Soldiers of the Lord are mashin for the kingdom of God. Sold Out for the Gospel and are bringing it to the streets, city’s and nations of the world.


Dream & Believe


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Dream & Believe


Dream & Believe like you oughta do the sky's the limit so it's up to you don't let nobody tell you God is wrong the dream his given is inside your heart

Dream & Believe like you oughta do the sky's the limit so it's up to you
keep youre eyes on the prize in christ and know that God will never leave your side leave your side yaaaaah.

Verse 1

Ambitions as a young kid dreams to live big tru rider put my work in on a mission to purpose it's not worthless a sacrafice but it's worthless from rollen in the dirt the teachers said it wouldn't work the kids laughed and it hurt but I didn't scuffle I knew it be a struggle I seen my Dad hit his knees buckle from the waves that had hit and crumbled but I would loose the hope that kept my pursuit and kept from blues thank God for the truth I knew in my heart this was my passion and God gave the gift everlasting so I askin why would I settle for anything less then Gods given best forget all the rest hold fast to the hope and faith that comes from his right hand the devil will come try to take it and run but Gods word is the only truth the rock we stand on the light that we look upon a high tower stands strong shoot for the sky and hold on.


Verse 2

the devil always told me i would amount to nothin but little did i know god kept me livin fo somethin
keep yo dreams in your heart cause they gifts from gos dont let this world eat you up and spit you out like you worthless god gave you purpose if you search it you gone find that you worth it the devil lies settin curses stealin blessins hes bluffin dont listen its nothin keep yo eyes on the prize the only way to succeed is to keep christ in yo life through struggles an trials an lessons bring blessins we tested by faith the choices we make decide our fate follow your dreams its neva too late keep your passion god gave it in this life its what you make it you weren't created fo nothin so go on show em you somethin there an't no limit to jesus he'll give you all your desires and lift you higher than eagles and have you swimmin in blessins so keep him close in your heart he'll make your dreams become present


Verse 3

Don't let nobody tell you God is wrong the dream is what he's given so that we can hold on to the purpose in this life that he's given to us the faith to keep on fighten throug a world with no love keep your eyes on the prize and prize is christ walk in life over lions and every trial of fire cause God is with you and he'll never leave your side through hell or most high he's keep'n youre life he's chosen a generation that knows how to ride exposen the lies he's drawin us closer to christ visualize the calling in life refocus youre sight quit walk'n all blind like you got soap in you're eyes the passion inside is driven by christ quit liven a lie submit it to christ and watch it arize dreams are liven inside so don't ignore what your says do whach for the sign and follow christ when he moves.



The Sons Reflection-Gods Troops

Set List

Any were from 2 to 25 Songs, 20 min to 2 hours depending on the event