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The Sons Reflection "Gods Troops" Group album
Radio Play- Sacramento, CA Salt Lake City, UT
Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Louisiana
Distribution-Sony VMG
Acoustic Fuel "Dream" Comp.
"Dream and Believe"
West Coast Gospel Comp 2 Songs
"Gods Troops"
"Get Cha Christ On"

JCS West Coast Gospel Comp.
2 songs selected
"Sold out" and "Still Here"

JCS Solo album "Sold Out" Coming Soon

Holy Hip Hop Vol. 6 Compilation



Hip Hop music has been a huge influence on millions of people through out the years. Now imagine Hip Hop music being used for the Kingdom of God. Influencing millions of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. JCS’s music is exactly that, a tool to reach the youth of this generation.

JCS has been through the flames, from running the streets as a young thug, to now serving the Lord. JCS (Jesus. Christ. Servant). Born and raised in Spokane, WA. Gangsta rap music fueled his mind as a young kid. After watching his family being ripped apart by his dad’s crack addiction he quickly turned to the streets. His rebellious adolescent years quickly took him into a downward spiral. At the age of 12 labeled an at risk youth JCS was on the run. In and out of juvenile detention and jail until he found himself broken and hopeless with no were to turn. He was court ordered and sent to drug and alcohol treatment. This is where JCS gave his life to the Lord.

JCS’s hard-core rap style has since then been refined. He’s now hit en um hard for the king, from spittin fast and flippin his tongue like Twista to rapping slow and smooth similar to the sounds of Tupac. Rapping over some of the best beats in the industry today. JCS is determined to bring to the rap game a new sound of truth and with God on his side nothing is impossible.

JCS has been rapping since the age of 11. In 2004 he decided that it was time to take his career seriously and go after his dreams. He began making beats and recording music in his apartment. The quality was very low budget but it never became a discouragement. He eventually was able to invest in some good equipment and slowly built what is now Speak Life Records. In November 2007 JCS released a compilation/group album along side his partner Unified, titled “The Sons Reflection, Gods Troops”. This CD has been a huge impact in WA State and beyond. Many people have come to know Jesus Christ through their ministry.

JCS’s Debut album “Sold Out” takes the bar to a whole other level. With writer and producer Scoob Serious sprinkling the tracks with an anointed sound sure to hit high on the charts, also features triple platinum artist Dante Thomas and Charlie Soul. This album is expected to be a national hit and will reach many people with the Gospel.

JCS’s wife and two children are a big support of his career. They have sacrificed much. Through many struggles, ups and downs they have still been able to hold on, enduring the hardships of life for the higher call. His wife states “I would do it again for the kingdom of God, to help teens and better peoples lives.”

JCS’s hard work will soon pay off when his album “Sold Out” releases the summer of 2008. It is an album that is sure to spark a flame in the rap industry. His unique rimes and flow is something that the world has been waiting to hear.