JC Smith

JC Smith


Most talented, most likable, most rockin' songwriter in the entire GTA.


JC Smith is a Toronto based songwriter and producer, and a founding partner of Canadian label Sound Of Pop. A former EMI recording artist (Bam Boo), he has written and produced albums for Cadence Grace, Brandon Jones, Chris Labelle, and Rebecca Everett. He is an extremely diverse musician who is equally comfortable working with developing artists, and established professional songwriters. While he is able to handle most genres with ease, he excels at pop and rock.

JC’s music has been heard around the world on television shows such as Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Hills, The Best Years, Dawson’s Creek, Joan of Arcadia, Surreal Gourmet, and many others.

For more information contact Elizabeth Spear: elizabeth_spear@olemm.com


"Apology" - Rides Again (Universal) ~ co-writer
Emergency - Rebecca Everett (ole) ~ co-writer/producer
Somewhere Together - Cadence Grace (SOP/Fontana North) ~ co-writer/producer
All For You - Brandon Jones (SOP/Fontana North) ~ co-writer/producer
Two Weeks Tuesday - Chris Labelle (SOP/Fontana North) ~ co-writer/producer