J. Curtis Reed
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J. Curtis Reed

Band Christian Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"truly amazing"

you wont believe the truly amazing talent I have just listened to!!! - R. Yags


...melody sings well and the chord progressions are soghisticated, good lead vocals...........#34 - taxi

"captivating & inspirational"

fantastic mixture that will give you goosebumps........ - mouse promotions


current cd title is "unwanted"....check out mighty for the Word, heartbeats for fun, goes around for blues, and the rest for good measure



just a down home country boy thats been around the block and loves to make music, have fun, & write songs.... and i hope you like it too..............................a long, long time ago, in another life time, when the world was fresh all that you could wish for you knew that you would have, all i did was play music, whether for a few friends, solo, duo, or trio acoustic acts, various rock, country or even top 40 dance bands, even was out on the road in the 80's with garland sound studios portraying dennis yost in a show band billed as the classics 4, seemed ol gabe had the rights for quite a few of those 60's bands and we shure had a lot of fun playing them, traces is still one of my favorite songs, however i personally don't write that style of music, i'm a little different but you should be able to recognize the roots, tull, zep,chapin, crosby, floyd, and a passionate female voice can make me abandon any sort of tough guy facade..........back to the story, albiet not much left to tell, got married, had kids, went to work, then all of a sudden, the kids are grown, been years since i had a wife, so it must be time for dad to do what he wants to do, and for me, this was something i had to do, and i sincerly hope that you enjoy it and maybe even get something out of it, cuz its all about love, life, and faith.......................thanks for looking..................j curtis