Jason Damato

Jason Damato

 San Diego, California, USA

Natural Incense is a Reggae-Rock fusion easily inducing a meditative & philosophical state of being in the best tradition of socially conscious Reggae. Burning Spear & Steel Pulse influences, 'Chili Peppers' funky spirit & Slightly Stoopid's genre mixing keep these dub tunes flowing nicely.


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**The Damato Times** updated 1/2/10

- Jason recently passed **2.5 Million** song plays on myspace for 2009.

Jason Damato Song 'Floating Down A river selected to **Custom Channels**. Intially this will include **Whole Foods Market** [Rocky Mountain region], and the New Music Channel that plays on radio stations KBCO/Denver, KINK/Portland and KTCZ/Minneapolis

-Jason Damato Video 'One Warm Coat' selected for **Swept Away TV** - a nationally distributed teen music/pop culture TV show. They are national winners of a 2004 AEGIS AWARD and finalists in the Billboard Music Video Awards for Regional Programs. Swept Away TV is seen in 42 markets including NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta and Phoenix and is estimated to be available in 19 million households.

-Jason Damato video 'One Warm Coat' selected to **The A&R Channel** which provides music programming for Comcast Cable to air on both The A&R Channel, an on demand music channel, and through Comcast's "music videos A-Z" on demand. Comcast has 24.2 million cable customers

- Jason Damato song 'Floating Down a River' will appear in the **Movie** **When in Rome** starring Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Anjelica Houston and **Danny Devito**.

- Jason Damato song Floating Down a River selected to **Delta Airlines** 'Indie Showcase' Program . The showcase will air for 30 of every 90 minutes for two months (September/October). This breaks down to the song being played apx. 14,000 times on 42,540 flights to over 5 million listeners. Floating Down a River will also be announced on air and listed in Delta�s online Sky magazine.

Jason Damato video One Warm Coat selected to FuseTV On Demand for Sept. 2009 airing. Fuse On Demand, is available in millions of homes across the US as part of the free on demand offering from cable carriers like Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, and FiOS, as well as Verizon VCast. http://www.fuse.tv/

-In **eight weeks** since the release of �Floating Down A River� on 1-20-09, the EP has been streamed almost **1,000,000 times**, Jason�s myspace page received over **500,000 profile views**, and over **35,000 video plays**.

-Jason partnered with **OneWarmCoat.org**. They are a partner of **Good Morning America**, the Whitehouse etc. for coat drives. Windowtothebeach.com is featured and Jason wrote One Warm Coat song for iTunes and GMA. One Warm Coat in the video section of this EPK.

-Jason was a **homepage feature** on **iSound.com 1/19-1/24**. �Floating Down a River� featured as isound.com Daily Download 1/16. Signed CD giveaway on iSound.com *Includes opt-ins for future email list! http://www.isound.com/contests/?c=277

-�Floating down a river� was selected as a track in the April Blender Rhapsody mixs distributed in all issues

-Radio:-On Sirius the coffeehouse station.

-WindowToThebeach featured in Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine online � LA Log

- �Floating Down a River� placements in: Tap Tap Revenge (Feb 1.)

-�Floating Down a River� will be a �hot track� on Slide.com

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Originally from San Diego, Jason Damato is a vibrant and colorful character who has the rare ability to draw people to him and his music. Remarkably observant and intrinsically soulful for a mere twenty-one year old, Damato�s passion for music is more than a career as it is a way of life. �Music is my way of living. You have to live the life you love and love the life you live. For me, that is creating music.�

Damato recently completed work on his debut EP, "Floating Down A River" which found him working with some industry veterans. Tom Freund, known for his solo work and collaborations with Ben Harper, co-produced the album bringing his vast musicality and a wealth of experience to the table. � Tom has become a musical big brother to me, he really helped me to focus on my style and he created a really supportive vibe in and out of the studio. Some of the people he brought in to help us just blew my mind. I am truly fortunate� Damato adds.

One of those musicians Freund enlisted to provide the beat was Adam Topol who drums for Jack Johnson and Culver City Dub Collective. Topol added his touch and helped bring Damato�s songs to life. �Working with Adam was a truly humble experience, with all these great musicians how can I go wrong?� Damato says.

The result of the collaboration is a beach-tinged good time coined by Damato as some old-fashion beach soul.


Floating Down A River

Written By: Jason Damato

Beautiful waves are laughing at our feet

Marooned on this here island, just you and me

And the tres generations building up one by one

I feel it, I feel it, I feel it can’t get enough

Just floating down a river


Floating down a river


Tell all my friends they can find me around the river bend.

Every time I’m breathing, it’s just another excuse to be with you

Caught up in the feeling, coasting along on my inner tube

It’s so relaxing down here, no more worries no more fear

(it’s very com-fort-able here, so comfortable)

Just floating down a river


Floating down a river


Tell all my friends they can find me around the river bend.

The River Bend


1-20-09 Floating Down A River - EP

Set List

Jason can play 2 hours or more.

Set list will be forthcoming