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"Infamous J.D. Wraps up video for "Fly Fashion""

Infamous J.D. Wraps Up Video For "Fly Fashion"
April 13, 2006 by nando

The Thorobred, Fillmore-bred Infamous J Davinci recently completed a video for his street cut 'Fly Fashion' which appeared on his Street Release mixtape. We dropped the mixtape for free download in January, so if you missed out you can still grab it here. JD has been grindin' heavy since we last featured him on the site, networking out in the east coast and recording new material.

It's about to be a hot summer and I ain't talking weather, look out for Street Release 2 to drop during the season. If you want a sneak preview and want to hear some material off "The Mona Lisa" album, make sure to hit up the upcoming performance on April 20th, check out the flyer here.

The "Fly Fashion" video features cameos from all the Fillmore affiliates like Big Rich, Bailey, and Devo. Check it out below:

Infamous J Davinci - Fly Fashion

Mac and Video Ipod users can grab this version also. Stay tuned for more exclusive music and info on JD!
- www.westcoastrydaz.com by nando

"Infamous J.Davinci Makes his street release"

Infamous J Davinci Makes His Street Release
January 25th, 2006 by nando

I wanna introduce yall to the Infamous J Davinci, out of San Francisco, California's Fillmore District. This day and age has seen an influx of MC's with a more lyrical skill coming out of the west coast, and JD is definitely one of the stand outs in today's game.

JD has appeared on projects such as Ya Boy's Rookie of The Year, Big Rich's Who The F*ck is Big Rich mixtape, and a handful of Demolition Men mixtapes. Look out for this boy in 2006! His debut album, The Mona Lisa, will drop this year, and best believe JD will bring a work of art. To set things off we bring yall an exclusive download of JD's Street Release mixtape. It features affiliates Ya Boy, Bailey, and Big Rich, all of who we've featured here on WCR many times.


1. Intro
2. It's On - Freestyle
3. For The City
4. Back It Up ft. Ya Boy, Bailey, Big Rich
5. Neck Of The Woods
6. Fly Fashion
7. Ride In The Night
8. Full Metal Jacket ft. Ya Boy
9. Finally

Infamous J Davinci - Street Release Mixtape

Enjoy the mixtape...keep it locked for more on JD in the future. Shouts Out to Al Jieh!

- www.westcoastrydaz.com

"Infamous J. Davinci Readies Street Release"

Infamous J. Davinci Readies Street Release [Audio] - January 26, 2006 By : Nima

Coming out of Fillmore, California, Infamous J. Davinci has alot of peers to look up to. That being said, he's closely affiliated with all his fellow Fillmore artists from San Quinn and the Done Deal camp to Devoe and Big Rich etc. He's also been featured on two Demolition Men Mixtapes, aswell as on Ya Boy's "Rookie Of The Year" album.

He is now working on his own album "The Mona Lisa", and to ease the wait, he is allowing us to bring you his "Street Release" mixtape, 9 tracks showcasing his skills, with guest spots by Ya Boy, Big Rich & Bailey. We have a preview track from the mixtape here before you grab the full thing, so you can get an idea of what J.D.'s style sounds like:

Infamous J. Davinci - Back It Up (ft. Ya Boy, Big Rich & Bailey)

If you like what you hear, go 'head and downlaod the full mixtape below:

Infamous J. Davinci - Street Release Mixtape (37MB, ZIP)

We will keep you updated on J. Davinci and his "Mona Lisa album - www.dubcnn.com

"The Reviewers"

Artist: J. Davinci
Project Name: Street Release
Record Label: Thorobred Records
Management: Abioduni Martin
Contact: Martin
Artist Site: Thorobredonline
Genre: Rap
Strongest Commercial Track: "Day Dreamin'"
Best Song: "Day Dreamin'"
Best Radio Hit Potential: "Day Dreamin' "
Best Use: Licensing
Project's Overall Commercial Strength: Good
Artist's Greatest Strength: Good representation of darker underground Rap.
Artistic Merit: Good
Songwriting Skill Level: Intermediate
Uniqueness: Fair
Musicianship: Fair Featured Artists: Big Rich & Others
Production: Fair
Technical Quality: Poor
Visual Quality: Fair
Chances For Commercial Success: Fair
Fiero Feedback: Very street oriented with massive underground appeal. Must be promoted carefully.

"Licensed from The Fiero Filter"
Review Date: February 27,2006

- www.bitchinetertainment.com by Gian Fiero


"JT the Bigga Figga Presents: Frisco to Oakland" (Compilation 2002)
"J.Davinci Street Release" (mixtape 2005)
"3story musik" (compilation 2004)
"Bay Area Block Stars" (Compilation 2005)
"Who the F*ck Is Big Rich" (mixtape 2005)
"Demolition Men Presents, Best Of The Bay" (mixtape 2005)
"Ya Boy: Future Of the Franchise" (mixtape 2005)
"Ya Boy: Rookie Of the Year" (Album 2005)
"cellski-supply & Demand Demolition Men" (mixtape 2006)
"Big Rich & Demolition Men Presents-Block Tested Hood Approved" (Mixtape 2006)



John DeVore was born October 19, 1982. DeVore was born and raised in San Francisco, California. J. Davinci grew up, just like hip-hop, during a period where musical interest was influenced by the eclectic sounds of the 1960's soulful sounds of the'70s, and popular music of the '80s.
The name DaVinci speaks to his appreciation and approach to music. His music describes his world, cleverly painting raps as a way to illustrate his surroundings and the people in his life. JD's original themes can be gut-wrenching and soulful and vary from violent crime and sex on the streets to intimate love and religion. His insightful street narratives contrast the positive and negative realities of growing up in San Francisco's Fillmore district. "My life and experiences are like hundreds of others in Fillmore. I just have the opportunity to share mine with people."
He first attracted listeners when he released a few underground Mix tapes in 2002. DaVinci's melodramatic coolness and infectious flow commands the attention of an audience reminiscent to the appeal of Brando's drawl as the Godfather. J.D. is on pace to bring real hip-hop notoriety back to the Bay Area and to lay the foundation for the next generation of MC’s looking to build from the music that came before them. You’ll hear from him soon.