J Day

J Day


JDay is a fresh breath of personality in the Canadian pop scene. Storming into her budding career with irresistibly catchy tunes in her arsenal, JDay is a force to be reckoned with. Her infectious attitude commands the listener to live and love at full volume.


JDay is an explosive new personality in the Canadian pop scene. With tracks that sound like audible lace and glitter fused with an infectiously summery attitude, JDay hits the ear like a time-bomb of pretty. On first contact with her unique and sassy identity, it’s difficult to believe that this unapologetic attitude is not easily come by. On the contrary, however, JDay is a relentless force when it comes to her music and her belief in living and loving in the fast lane. “I wear my heart on my sleeve… and unfortunately, that leads to a lot of broken hearts for me,” JDay admits. But it’s this kind of true-to-life honesty that makes JDay such an infectious and compelling artist.

Having originally launched her career in Calgary, JDay has recently relocated her enterprise to Vancouver, where she has teamed up with AMP Records to record her new singles “We Got Heart” and “Look at Me”. With a certificate in Recording Engineering under her belt, as well as years of professional Vocal training, not to mention winning AMP Radio Big Rock Star contest along with artists like”Hey Bombshell” and “The Dudes”. Keep an ear to the ground for her upcoming singles, “We Got Heart,” which is destined to be your new favorite party anthem, as well as, “Look At Me,” the contagious reminder of the importance of good ol’-fashioned self-confidence. Request JDay TODAY on your local radio station & follow her on twitter, facebook and of your at www.jday.ca


We Got heart

Written By: Phil Lehmann & Tara Lett

We Got Heart
© Phil Lehmann & Tara Lett

Verse 1
We get up we get down we get the feeling
When we together S’alright
With our hands up feel the love,
We’re gonna party
Todays the day t’night’s the night

When you’re down feeling blue
It’s not about you
We got the love, We’ll Pull you through
You’re never on your own
Got friends around you
You’ll never be alone
We got heart we got we got heart
We got heart we got got x2
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh x2

Verse 2
We go out we go hard we get excited
We get it started can’t wait
To keep it right keep it up we keep it going
Its our day celebrate



We got the love we got the soul
We got each other
We got electro-rock and roll
Lets get it get it get it
We got it got it got it
Lets get it get it get it
We got it got it got it
We Got


"We Got Heart"