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Rough Neighborhood (Single)
The Getaway (Single)



Joshua Brewer understands he is to use his gift, for a greater purpose and a higher calling. Hailing from Magnolia, AR, this artist was introduced to Christ at an early age. Although he was raised in the church, he found his own footsteps tracing those of many who lost their way – fallen from the true path that God had laced for them.

Now living in the Washington D.C. area, Joshua was faced with a reality check, he came to terms with the fact that he had not been a good role model. The life he was living wasn’t one that would be beneficial to him or others. God was not being glorified in his life, at all. After becoming conscious of his behavior, he knew it was time for a change.
With a made up mind, Joshua was able to find the courage within to awaken the Spirit of Christ dwelling on the inside of him. He chose the path set before him, a road leading to spiritual growth and a life pleasing to God. God’s plan allowed Joshua to cross paths with T.D. Hunter, co-partner of Liberal Souls Music Group. This man of God has been influential in his restoration back to God.

JDBfromtheMAG- Joshua’s stage name is blessed to have the guidance of mentors, to help him stay focused on the things of God. With patience, he’s skillfully crafting his music with a resounding message, enticing those who listen to desire a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ. Mr. Brewer has a burden to open the listener’s ears and educate them on the end time truths found in the bible. By pointing out the various things taking place in the world today, as it relates to the warnings and teaching of Christ, he purposes to spread the message - time is short.

Currently working on his first solo project, JDBfromtheMAG has joined forces with the Charles “Da Liberal Soul” Dixon, to perfect his gift. This collaboration shall bring forth an outstanding effort on wax.
Joshua “JDBfromtheMAG” Brewer stresses the importance of reading the bible and building a personal relationship with God. At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their own judgment. One verse he wants to leave you with is:
Genesis 17:5 “No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations”.

The significance of this verse points out, how we all are born with names destined to define us. At some point, by faith we will become aware of who we are and what God has set forth for us to accomplish. From that point, we too will make the change from Abram to Abraham. This will enable us to reach out to the nation of brothers and sisters who are in the need of the Word of God.