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- Its not easy being the next best thing, especially for an artist commonly referred to as “The Prince Of The North”. It becomes even more difficult when a whole country anxiously anticipates your next move. With a 2005 Marc Eckofest Freestyle Competition title, Nike Battlegrounds Compilation, and a feature beside the beautiful Miss Issa and Terror Squad’s Fat Joe receiving International success, in enters, JD ERA.

- The 21 year old Toronto native, (who has been cleverly crafting an identity in both the underground and commercial scene) is ready to make his permanent mark. For the past 2 years, this talented ambassador for the “new north” has been relatively unknown in the public eye, until now. With the release of his debut album, Welcome To Hollywood North, JD ERA is sure to take music fans worldwide by storm.

-“To me this album is about not only standing out lyrically from everything that’s out, but also showing my growth and development from my mixtapes,” Says Era about his forthcoming debut. “There’s a lot of craziness going on in hip hop and it’s hard for the fans to decipher good music from the bubble gum. I’m here to shake things up a bit.”

-Raised in Mississauga as the youngest of 3 siblings, Era (born Joseph Dako) is what many consider a breath of fresh air to the Canadian hip hop scene. With his roots deeply planted in the underground, his start as a battle emcee proved to be a successful one. At the age of 16 Era began writing rhymes and entered and won his first freestyle competition. His passion for battling other emcees has gained him a reputation as one of the top freestyle lyricists in Canada.

- There are no limitations to Era’s skill and lyrical ability. Although he received commercial success with club bangers “Ride Clean” and “Take Me Home”, it is his more socially aware tracks like, “What We Have” and “Concrete Jungle” that have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers. This Christmas he was invited to perform at fellow Canadian, Kardinal Offishall’s Christmas Party and later to Nelson Mandela’s Hip Hop for Africa charity event. Inspired by not only common things that he feels every audience can relate to, but also the experiences that have shaped him into the artist he is today. JD is definitely a hip hop force to be reckoned with.

- With his debut album Welcome To Hollywood North in the works, Era is focusing on creating a solid album from beginning to end. “You only get to be a new artist once, so you got to get it right the first time, or there won’t be a second chance,” says JD. He stated that his focus for the album was to put out quality music and to prove that Canadian artists such as himself can compete with those south of the border. “I don’t believe Canadian rappers are being represented properly at the present time, and I’m here to change that.” His hunger for success and passion for writing should make Welcome To Hollywood North one of the most highly anticipated debut albums of 2007.


Good Morning Toronto

Written By: JD Era

JD ERA -Good Morning Toronto (Produced By Aliby)

Verse 1
Good Morning Toronto you’ve been asleep for a minute
I guess the world don’t recognize you in that Blue Jays fitted
Don’t be offended, look when I said I loved you I meant it
And when the game was trying to change you still remained authentic
And for that, I promise nothing’s going to tear us apart
From Fresh Wes to the circle you were there from the start
I remember Maestro making your backbone slide
That was the closest that you ever got to being a bride
And since then, you’ve been spotted with several different rappers
Read your life story, I’m in several different chapters
Rewind backwards, before having to deal with Factor
We met in 8th grade on my way home from that practice
And I remember what you did for the cheese
But that’s between me and you mami, keep stacking them G’s
I seen emcees fuck with you and then fall to they knees
So I’m starting to believe you might have a disease, I’m playing girl

I eat in this city, sleep in the city,
Shit, rob, grieve, and breathe in the city
When times get hard I belive in the city
So get used to me I ain’t leaving the city
I eat in this city, sleep in the city,
Shit, rob, grieve, and breathe in the city
When times get hard I belive in the city
So get used to me I ain’t leaving the city

Verse 2
Good Morning Toronto, Go get yourself something to eat
I know you had a long night but come up out of them sheets
And later on you can help me choose a couple of beats
But first things first you should probably brush your teeth
See in the streets they saying you got a bunch of different labels
They all know that you willing but they don’t think you able
That’s where I step in to put offers on the table
And make em’ all believers just to show them that you stable
See our relationship is one of a kind
There ain’t to many rappers out here with songs better than mine
And I find, it’s getting difficult to call you a dime
The niggas claiming that they built you, fucked up your design
As we mate, and relate, see its fate that we date
Don’t be late, don’t be fake, and I promise you cake


Fourth and Goal Mixtape (2004)

Soul Clap Kings Mixtape with various artists (2004)

Black Market Mix Tape Vol. 1 (2005)

Nike Battlegrounds Mixtape (2005)

Black Market Mixtape “The Re-Up” Vol 2. (2006)
Radio Singles

“The One” (2005)

“Money Money” (2005)

“Ride Clean” (2005)

“Take Me Home” featuring Sumeet (2005)

“What Up Remix” Frank ‘N Dank Feat. JD Era (2005)

"Love 2 Hate" Feat. Mystic & Miranda (2006)

“Good Morning Toronto” (2006)

“Stay Up Remix” Ms. Issa Feat. JD Era & Fat Joe (2006)

“Prince of the North” (2007)

Set List

1.Accappella Freestyle (2:00)
2.Sample of Good Morning Toronto (2:00)
3.What you Rep Dub (2:00)
4.Take Me Home (3:00)
5.Ride Clean (2:30)
6.Love 2 Hate (3:00)
7.Prince of the North (3:00)