JD Eyebrows

JD Eyebrows

 Fordyce, Arkansas, USA
BandChristianHip Hop

From a southern flow to a mello song, Jonathan Daniel AKA JD Eyebrows brings a versetile flavor and rap and song to the streets which includes the good news of Jesus Christ. There is something for the rap lover, the song seeker, and the electronic music people. Beats, Lyrics, Vocoders, Gospel!


Jonathan Daniel was born on March 23, 1979 to John and Brenda Daniel of Fordyce, AR. He was always creative and interested in music and art. He attended school in Fordyce, and graduated high school in 1998. He immediately began college and received an associate degree in graphic design in May, 2001 from Southern Arkansas University Tech in Camden, Arkansas. Jonathan has also been in the Gospel ministry since the age of 20. He serves under his father, Bishop John A. Daniel at First Baptist Church in Hampton, AR. He has a beautiful wife, Tina and two wonderful sons, Darius and Jonathan Robert. He is currently operating as a graphic designer for The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, and is also a singer, songwriter, and music producer. He has completed numerous musical works over the past 11 years in the urban gospel arena. Jonathan seeks to encourage both youth and adults in the Christian faith with a versatile approach to music. He has frequently been told to make up his mind about whether he is going to rap or sing. He responds: “When the time comes for me to make a definite decision, I will make it then”. He often says that he hopes to continue doing both because it allows him to successfully impact a broader range of people. Jonathan, who was also known as JD Eyebrows is currently working on a mixtape entitled: “EVANGELYRICS”. This is a blend of rap and R&B sounding music which contains an evangelical message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will feature some of Arkansas’s finest Christian talent.


Do You Know (2001)
Thou Shalt Speak (2002)
Holy Hip Hope (2005)
My Light Shines (2008)
EVANGELYRICS Vol. 1 (2010)